10 summer heat wave survival ideas for your console


Summer is rapidly approaching. Heat waves are on their way. This is always a concern with gadgets like consoles and PCs, especially ones that are used for long periods of time. 


Due to their cooling systems, consoles are the most abused by heat. Therefore, here are some strategies to keep your PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S consoles as cool as possible. 

The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles are gearing up for their second summer, which looks to be just as hot as the first. Heat waves are approaching, which means it’s time to prepare your play space for extreme temperatures. 

How can you make your console withstand the heat?

The ten suggestions below are the result of professional recommendations and years of experience. They’re broken down into two categories: location and maintenance and behaviour. 


In the summer, avoid putting the console against a wall or in a small space; corners and gaps in glued-to-the-wall furniture are bad places to put your console.

The heat it produces will build up, creating a hazardous environment for the activity. You never, ever put anything on or under your console, not even the lovely “gaming tape” that your grandmother has lovingly weaved for you. This includes figures as well. 

Place it on the table’s or shelf’s surface if possible. Because heat tends to collect upstairs, placing your console on the upper shelves is usually a terrible choice in the summer. Furthermore, more dust collects with time, making your console’s operation much more difficult. Instead of placing it on the ground, search for a mid-low point. 

Avoid placing your console near the window or at draught points during heat waves. Instead, place it at “fresh spots” away from the currents. The draughts that enter through your window during heat waves are very hot and usually contain a lot of dust, so avoid placing your console near the window and at draught points. 


Keep your console away from desk lamps because they emit heat when they are turned on. Obviously, pointing one of them directly at your console does not occur to you because you will fry it. 

Because light is highly expensive, turn off the lights. Even if it is usually very cool, try not to put your console and PC too close together… much less glued to a corner. Consider the heat generated by the console and PC at that point, as well as the accumulated heat. Allow the air to flow freely between the two levels, but in a positive manner. 

You can put the console in the range of your fan if you have one. Although that isn’t the most effective advice, any assistance is welcome. If you follow this suggestion with the window open, you will be blowing hot air and dust right into your console. If you have air conditioning, keep temperature variations to a minimum. 

Habits and maintenance

If regular maintenance is essential in normal conditions, you should be especially vigilant in the summer because dust deposition in many areas tends to increase. Your console will die before you can play GTA VI if the cooling system fails. 


I understand that using multiple devices in the same room is a difficult task. Keep in mind that every extra console and computer raises the temperature. If you do, keep them from being too close together to avoid overheating. 

*Avoid playing during peak hot hours; as midday approaches, the heat becomes more severe and gradually fades as night approaches. 

Finally, remember to drink plenty of water. Drink plenty of water, especially if you play for long periods of time and/or sit in front of the computer for extended periods of time. When you play or work, it’s easy to forget that you’re dehydrated.

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