Imran Khan Government has Completed its first 100 days already. After coming in power on the name of change,  what PTI government has achieved. Here is a short review.

Achievements of the PTI government. 

It is the first government, that fixed a goal for their first three months. How much they were successful to achieve that goal, critics will never accept it. But they did many things right. 
  1. Prime minister house to be turned into a university. At the very first day of His government, Khan has announced to not live in the luxury PM house. And he fulfilled his promise by moving into a normal house inside parliamentarians residential area.
  2. PTV is given complete editorial independence. This never happened before because national television used to be representative of government all the times before Khan’s government. 
  3. Countrywide drive to plant over 10 billion trees in the next 5 years. The drive is going on successfully. Earlier in his provisional government in KPK, Imran Khan has achieved the same type of goal by planting around a billion new trees.
  4. Government opens inaccessible governor houses to the public. 
  5. Petrol prices remain unchanged despite oil and gas regulatory authority is pushing for an increase. 
  6. 2000 Saudi Riyal waived visa fees for overseas Pakistani in Saudi Arabia. There are more than 1.4 million Pakistani working in Saudi Arabia. 
  7. Deferred payment for oil approved. 
  8. 2 new planes added in PIA Fleet.
  9. Three (3) New trains added in route for public facilitation. 
  10. Shelter houses building underway. Temporary arrangements have been made by setting up tents for homeless people. Any government before never thought about these people. These people were always suffering by harsh weather conditions under the open sky.
  11. 100 new textile mills to be open as the government allows subsidy. This will bring employment opportunities for thousands and will hike Pakistan’s exports.
  12. Anti-encroachment drive has been launched to take back land from land grabbers. 87 thousand acre land has been released until now.
  13. Clean Green Pakistan drive has been started for a cleaner and beautiful Pakistan.
  14. Strategy for the construction of 5 million small homes has been finalised.
  15. Implementation of traffic rules for improved public safety. 
  16. Money laundering cooperation contract has been signed with the United Kingdom to bring back looted wealth of the country. 
  17. The opening of Kartarpur border for Sikh pilgrims. This is a master card, which can bring peace to the region and many other hidden benefits to Pakistan. 
  18. Imran Khas defending Pakistan over the international forum. Trump tweet is an example. He doesn’t let anyone point a figure on Pakistan. 
  19. Restructuring the civil law procedures. This will make property cases process 10 times faster than before. 
  20. Successful foreign visits to seek help, support and refresh relationships with Gulf China and Malaysia. 

Good Luck Imran Khan. Best of luck for Pakistan. 

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