14-year-old Azra became victim of Domestic Violence in DHA Lahore
Azra was the victim of Domestic Violence in DHA Lahore.

14-year-old girl ‘Azra’ became the Victim of Domestic Violence in Defence housing authority (DHA) Lahore by a rich family. Azra was working in the house of a lady ‘named as Ayesha Bebi’ as a housemaid (Domestic Helper), in DHA, Lahore. The family was beating her up, keeping tied on the roof without any food for three days. Watch complete details in the video, below.

Video: 14year-old girl Azra became the Victim of Domestic Violence in Lahore.

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In a video interview to media, Azra told her sad story of Domestic Violence by Ayesha and her family. “They have four daughters but they never realized that I am also a daughter of someone. They cut my hairs, tortured me every day, tied me up without giving any food and made cuts on my back, Azra stated in her video interview.”

She was working in the house of Ayesha Bebi for seven months in order to financially support her poor family. Even though child labour is illegal in Pakistan but thousands of underage children work in the houses, on workshops and restaurant as they are the only support to their whole family.

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Mother of Azra, Sakeena Bebi told media that she never saw her daughter in seven months. After the picture of Azra became viral on social media, Ayesha Bebi threw the girl out beside Lahore canal. The girl wanted to go police station for a complaint against the violent family but she is unable to walk because of the weakness.

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