Duaa Ahmad became Hero After Wisconsin Shooting.
Image: Screengrab from CCTV video of the mosque in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States.

Duaa Ahmad, a 17 year-old Muslim student emerged as ‘a Hero’ after Wisconsin shooting. Because of Duaa Ahmad’s smart thinking, about 100 students were able to take shelter at a mosque during a school stabbing and shooting on Tuesday. Watch the video what Dua Ahmad did after the Wisconsin Shooting. The video was captured by surveillance camera outside the mosque in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, few meters away where shooting took place.

Video of Dua Ahmad’s action after Wisconsin Shooting.

The Muslim Community’s Oshkosh chapter mosque is right across the street from Oshkosh West High School, where police said a 16-year-old student stabbed an officer with an “edged weapon” before being shot by the police officer.

CCTV (surveillance camera) video from the mosque shows the moment one of its members, Duaa Ahmad, a high school student at Oshkosh West, jumped into action and entered the security code – opening the mosque for her fellow students to safely shelter. She kept standing, holding the door until all 100 students have entered the mosque and reached to safety.


During an interview to CNN, Duaa, 17-year-old, told CNN she was in her AP English literature class when she said they heard a gunshot, which at the time she thought was just a door slamming shut.

Her teacher asked someone to call 911 and then asked them to get out of the classroom. That’s when a classmate suggested running to the mosque, according to Duaa.

“A guy yelled, ‘go, go to the mosque’ and that’s where everybody seemed to be going anyway, so I just tried to lock as many people in as I could” after entering the code to unlock the doors, she said.


Saad Ahmad, Duaa’s father, is the financial secretary at the mosque and works a few minutes away from the school. He told CNN all mosque members have a code to enter the building.

Wisconsin Shooting and aftermath. Heroic effort by Duaa Ahmad.
Image by CNN

In the moments after the Wisconsin shooting, Saad Ahmad said, everyone had limited information about what was happening and he couldn’t help but feel worried about his daughter’s safety.

“It was not a pleasant feeling at all, he said. “I was thinking the worst.”

Saad Ahmad stated in his interview aftet Wisconsin Shooting.

Once Saad talked to Duaa and he found out that she had opened the mosque for her fellow students, he said he rushed over to help.

“I’m really glad she opened the mosque right away and took the initiative,” he said. “I was quite proud of her that Dua Ahmad was able to handle this worst situation at such a young age so efficiently.”

Duaa Ahmad and her father Saad Ahmad estimated there were about 100 students sheltered inside the mosque. They both made sure everyone knew where the restrooms were, got water and felt comfortable until they were able to reunite with their parents.


Saad said the mosque has their own protocol if something were to happen there, but this was a unique situation since the kids were coming from the high school.

Hero of Wisconsin Shooting, Dua Ahmad says: ‘Right time, worst situation

Duaa Ahmad said she just did what she thinks anybody else would do in her position.
“I was there at the right time in the worst situation,” she said.


Both the student and officer were treated at a hospital for non-life threatening injuries, police said. This was the second shooting to take place in a high school in the state in two days.

Oshkosh West has been out since the incident, according to the Oshkosh Area School District, but students will return to their normal schedules Friday.

The Oshkosh Ahmadiyya Muslims Facebook group posted about the Oshkosh incident, praising Duaa for her quick thinking and ended with the sentiment, “our doors are always open.”


17-Year-Old Duaa Ahmad Became Hero After Wisconsin Shooting

The brave girl from Oshkosh, Duaa Ahmad became hero after her heroic action in the aftermath of Wisconsin Shooting. The CCTV video of her action was shared on social media with praising descriptions. A Twitter user ‘Stancegrounded’ explained the whole incident with inspiring words for Duaa Ahmad. His tweet reads:

A HERO: This 17 y/o Muslim girl lead over 100 students to safety in her Mosque when a shooting unfolded in her school in Wisconsin.
She entered in the door’s security code, held the door open, & made sure all classmates got in safely before herself.
Her name is Duaa. Know Her!”

Another Twitter user “Theresa Kelly Banash” wrote: ‘Duaa deserves the presidential medal of honour for her leadership, charity and bravery.

Danielle Johnson said: “Not all heroes wear capes, some wear hijabs. beautiful name too Inshallah”

Hey @realDonaldTrump: hope you’ll retweet & acknowledge efforts of this Muslim American teenager who helped save lives of fellow students when a knife attack/shooting took place at her school in Wisconsin. She unlocked the Mosque to provide students safety.



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