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    4 Areas at Home to Hide Valuables

    4 Areas at Home to Hide Valuables

    Every now and again, whether from curious children’s eyes and hands or the unsettling but very real threat of burglars, we all have stuff we need to keep hidden.

    Fortunately, a lot of the items you truly want to conceal are discreet and little. Although safes are a popular storage solution for these items, you don’t necessarily want to keep all of your possessions in one place. There are several locations throughout the house that might be as secure as a safe if you think outside the box.

    Do bear in mind that you’ll have to recall where these items are if you’re using numerous hiding spots. Put the spots and items in writing and preserve the note in a secure location. With that in mind, here are areas in your home to hide valuables.

    1. Hidden Compartments in Drawers

    Hidden Compartments in Drawers

    Treasure maps, cash, and jewellery have all been hidden in hidden compartments in drawers and cabinets for decades. A false bottom drawer leaves a gap between the drawer’s actual bottom and the one you’re fabricating. The few millimetres of space there can conceal a variety of valuables. These drawers can be in any room in your home and no one will suspect it. For instance, you can add a compartment in your OPPOLIA cabinets to hide your priced jewellery.

    Even a complete amateur can complete this job in less than an afternoon, despite what you might assume if you don’t have any DIY experience. All you want is a thin board that has been cut to fit the dimensions of your drawer and some supports to hold it off the drawer’s original base. Preferably, the thin board should roughly resemble the real bottom.

    False bottom drawers are good for concealing compartments, but thieves are definitely aware that they might exist. Therefore, avoid storing them in the drawers of a nightstand in the master bedroom or a desk in the office since these pieces of furniture are in the two places that burglars target most frequently and who take the time to go beyond the obvious areas. Use a children’s dresser or the guest pedestal sink for extra secrecy. Any kitchen drawer will also do; simply ensure that it’s deep.

    2. Storage Containers

    Storage Containers

    Utilize straightforward labelling to keep some valuables out in the open. A storage room may be searched by thieves, but they are unlikely to reach for a box marked “Baby Clothes” or ” baby’s toys.” Don’t leave anything too priceless out in the open like that, but you can use it to conceal low-value items or even gifts for holidays or birthdays.

    You can use the same techniques on things like jewellery in the kitchen. No thief will think of taking a salt container during their robbery. Therefore, a pantry will be a good spot to hide some valuables that have sentimental value to you since thieves won’t be bothered to look there. 

    3. Unconventional Safes

    Unconventional Safes

    Many people assume that safes belong on a wall behind a picture frame, or in the bedroom’s closet or under the bed in the master bedroom. However, if you think outside the conventional safes, you can keep your valuables and sleep peacefully at night knowing that no one will ever think to look there.

    Book safes are among the most common yet simple places to stash your valuables and cash. Ideally, no one will be bothered to check a book for money. Especially if they are organized on a big shelf. It seems like too much trouble for little probability of getting anything valuable there. 

    A safe hidden in the food container in the pantry will also be next to impossible to locate unless you know exactly what you are looking for. If you are an extremist, you can use your coffee table as a hidden area for your valuables. Just have a sizeable safe drilled in and store your valuables. You’ll be shocked that even if any burglar turns the table, nothing will fall out. It would also be satisfying to watch them struggle to figure out where the safe is located in the house. 

    4. The Rear End of the Drawer

    The Rear End of the Drawer

    You can remove the entire drawer and duct tape an envelope with cash or secret identification documents to the rear end of the drawer. Nothing will become overly crowded because there is always room in the rear end of the drawer or cabinets. You need to be cautious with this since most burglars are conversant with the method. However, it’s worth the shot.

    The Bottom Line

    You shouldn’t be stressed over where to hide your valuables in your home. There are numerous storage places that you can utilise to keep your essential items protected in case of a burglary. The most essential of them all is to avoid sharing details of your valuables and hiding places with people and social media. It’ll save you a lot!

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