5 CES gadgets that won’t arrive soon

    We all learned about many new products and technologies coming out in 2023 at CES. But many of them are so far ahead of their time that makes them real might take a while.

    5 CES gadgets that won't arrive soon

    That doesn’t mean that these ideas should be thrown out. If and when they come to fruition, they will be game-changers.

    Even though CES showed off a lot of cool tech from the future, only a few of the most promising ones are on this list. From automatic baby strollers to flying cars, it looks like the future will be fun and full of possibilities.

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    Five exciting and promising pieces of future tech were shown at CES.

    1) The Aska A5 is the first working car model that can fly.

    Soon, in 2026, people will be able to buy cars that can fly. The company that owns Aska, Next Future Mobility, said at CES that they plan to sell this prototype to the public in 2026. With a $5000 deposit, you can book the car ahead of time. You can also cancel it after at least a year has gone by.

    According to the company, the Aska A5 is powered by electricity and has a range of 250 miles. The car can take off and land vertically with four people inside. It also has wings that can be folded down to make it easier to move around on the ground.

    2) The Flex Hybrid Tablet from Samsung

    Foldables have only recently become popular because they are useful and easy to use. This wasn’t the case, though, a few years ago. People have stopped using traditional screens because of the Galaxy Fold and Flip series.

    This year at CES, Samsung showed off screens that can be folded more than once and quickly expand and shrink. Since these are still ideas, it will be a while before they can be turned into actual products. No matter when they come out, these screens will make phones and laptops completely different.

    3) GluxKind self-driving Ella stroller for babies

    At CES 2023, GluxKind showed off the self-driving baby stroller. This stroller is unique because when the baby isn’t in it, it moves along with its owners by steering itself. GluxKind also said that when the baby is in the stroller, it doesn’t move independently.

    Ella will cost $3,300 when it first comes out, but there isn’t a date yet. The system also has a dual-motor drive system that makes it easy to move off-road and uphill. An intelligent brake system stops the system from moving downhill in ways that aren’t wanted.

    4) Hands-free navigation system from Loovic

    The Japanese start-up company Loovic made a navigation system that you can wear around your neck and use without your hands. The company showed this while saying that the CEO’s son, who has a cognitive disorder that makes it hard for him to follow directions, was the inspiration for this product.

    The system tells you what to do by using speakers and tactile feedback. The best way to use this would be to pair it with a smartphone and use it to interact. Loovic didn’t say much about the launch because the device is still just a prototype.

    5) Project Leonardo is a PlayStation controller for people with disabilities.

    The old PlayStation controllers were suitable for most gamers, but they weren’t made with people with disabilities in mind. At CES, PlayStation talked about Project Leonardo, which is a special controller for people with disabilities that is in the works.

    It says that it will have features like buttons that can be swapped for similar functions or multiple button inputs assigned to a single button. Also, the user can change the shape, size, and placement of the joystick. There is also support for pairing PS5 controllers, which lets friends and family help with some parts of the game. Sony hasn’t said anything about a date yet.

    These five gadgets are the most exciting things to come out of CES 2023. They could change the game when they are finally released in the coming years.

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