The end of season three of Stranger Things brought our band of heroes face-to-face with the evil forces of the Upside Down. The demogorgon – or simply “The Beast”, as the show’s producers have dubbed it – had finally escaped its subterranean prison and sought to feed on the minds of the people of Hawkins. As a result, it looked like season four might be a little different from what we’ve seen before.

For starters, we wouldn’t see our heroes back together again until season’s end. It seemed like some time would have to pass before we got to see the various relationships that were developed during the course of the third season, and the boys of Hawkins Middle School would have to rebuild their bonds as a team, rather than a band of friends.

At the same time, there were plenty of questions that still remained unanswered, such as what exactly happened to Eleven – did she die (as the show’s creators have hinted at in the past)? Did she get her powers back? Or was she rescued? If she was alive, where was she hiding? And last but not least, who the heck was the Mind Flayer, anyway?

With everything that’s now explained in the season three finale, we’re finally in a position to try and guess what might happen in season four, and there are a lot of reasons why you should be excited

New Characters in Stranger Things Season 4

One of the things that has been speculated about season four is who the Mind Flayer might be. It’s a huge question mark for the show, and one that is sure to be answered in some capacity going forward.

The show’s creators have also hinted at new characters who will appear in season four. It seems as if there will be more than just new characters who are human; it’s possible that we’ll also see otherworldly entities make their way into Hawkins this time around.

As for why these new characters are being introduced, it’s hard to say without any official confirmation from the showrunners. However, it could be due to the fact that they want to give our heroes more of a challenge. They might need more help than they could get by themselves. Or maybe they just want to round out the cast of secondary characters and explore how they impact the lives of those living in Hawkins.

Regardless, these new characters should prove interesting in their own right and make for great additions to an already intricate narrative.

The Mind Flayer Will Be Revealed

As it turns out, the Mind Flayer is a hive-mind that has taken over most of the people in Hawkins. This is why there were so many people who had been possessed in season three – they were under the control of The Beast.

The Mind Flayer was born when Will Byers was trapped inside the Upside Down in season one. It attempted to take over his mind, but failed and instead took control of him from afar. This is why Will was so troubled throughout the show’s first season – he was mentally fighting with this parallel universe where he felt like he wasn’t safe. But when Eleven saved him, she took care of The Beast for good, and it went back into hiding for several years before finally reappearing in full force at the end of season three.

So what does this mean for Stranger Things season four? Well, if you’ve seen any previews for next year’s season, you know that our heroes will be facing off against The Beast once again – but this time, they have a much better understanding of their enemy.

Will (Noah Schnapp) managed to communicate telepathically with Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) while he was being controlled by The Beast and learned its name: “Mind Flayer”. Given this knowledge, they know how to combat it and defeat it once and for all. And now that they know its name, they can also rid themselves of it once and

The Beast Will Emerge From Its Prison

As we all know, the demogorgon – or The Beast, as it is sometimes called in the show’s dialogue – was hatched from an egg buried deep underground. Season three saw it finally escape its subterranean prison, and with the door to Hawkins Laboratory blown open, it seems possible that the beast will be able to crawl out into the world and feed on people’s minds. This could represent a new kind of threat for our heroes to face off against, but one with which they have some familiarity.

The Demogorgon Will Be Destroyed

The Demogorgon will finally be destroyed in season four. We’ve seen the Upside Down escape its subterranean prison and try to infect the minds of the people of Hawkins, but now we know that Eleven was able to stop it from spreading. She sacrificed herself (or so we thought) by going back into the Upside Down and destroying it. The demogorgon, or “The Beast” as its creators call it, is gone for good now – which means that our heroes can finally go back to their lives.

Eleven Is Probably Dead Or Rescued

One of the best theories going into season four is that Eleven is either dead or rescued. The first theory comes from following what the show’s creators have said about her in the past. This includes saying that she was really, really gone and saying during a Reddit AMA that we haven’t seen the last of her. It also includes throwing subliminal messages here and there, such as putting in an episode where Hopper goes to look for her and finds nothing but a broken mirror on the floor (a symbol of broken reflection).

The other theory is that she was rescued by some mysterious force. Those who subscribe to this theory say this could be because nobody can know where she might be hiding, or because she seems to be alive at some point in season four. If you look back through the seasons, you’ll notice that there are moments when Eleven gets powers back – for example, when she takes down a drone in episode seven of season one called “The Bathtub”. This would indicate that Eleven may have gone missing because someone needed her help, not because she was killed or captured.

Either way, it will be interesting to see if either of these theories come true when Stranger Things returns on Halloween.

There Will Be A Twist Reveal In The Mid-Season Break

The first and most notable change to the show’s format is that there will be a mid-season break. This will allow for Stranger Things creators to focus on other projects for a few months, but it also gives them the opportunity to wind down their stories before they start up again.

But what might happen in these episodes?

For starters, we might see Eleven finally return to Hawkins Middle School in the mid-season break. It was hinted at during the last episode of season three, when Hopper found a Morse code message from her saying “I’m alive”.

It could be that she makes contact with someone back in our world, or maybe she finds out something about where she was taken by the Demogorgon. Either way, we can bet there’ll be some kind of twist revealed in these episodes – and chances are it won’t be anything good.

The Final Boss Of Season 4 Is…

The final boss of season four of Stranger Things is a creature called the Mind Flayer. The Upside Down is the home of this evil entity, who we first met in season two. The Mind Flayer has been using all its power to try and break into our world, and it’s been using Eleven to try and do that, which was why she was so important to the story arc.

The Mind Flayer has been trying to get through for a while now, but the events at Hawkins Laboratory slowed it down for a little bit. And when Eleven finally did break free from her prison, she set about destroying the Mind Flayer’s connection to our world once and for all by destroying all of its tunnels (presumably). As a result, there are no more cracks in reality – and no way for the Mind Flayer to come through into our world any time soon.

But what does this mean? Well, with it appearing as though the heroes will have some time between seasons three and four, they might be able to catch their breath and figure out what they want out of life before they have to face up against another seemingly invincible foe. It also means that whatever monsters might appear in future seasons will not be compared with a beast quite like this one.


Stranger Things Season 4 is the season that you have been waiting for. There will be new characters, old characters, and a whole lot of monsters. As we know from previous seasons, there is going to be a twist reveal in the mid-season break. So what could it be? One of the new characters will be the final boss of Stranger Things Season 4. There has been a lot of speculation on who this could be and many believe it to be Steve Harrington (Joe Keery). Steve’s storyline will most likely be linked to Eleven and her whereabouts. This could mean that he is the final boss and will either have the power to help Eleven or she will be pretending to be with him in order to get back at Hopper.

PS. If you care about spoilers, don’t read any further!

The twist reveal in the mid-season break is that Steve Harrington is the final boss in Stranger Things Season 4!

Below is a Breakdown of Stranger Things Season four trailer.

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