7 Simple Wellness Tips for Healthy & Happy Living

    Nothing is surprising in the fact that a child is tired, inattentive, and often sick if its diet contains
    a lot of sweets, bakery products, fried products, or sausages because all of them have a very
    low nutritional value (little vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers, proteins, complex carbohydrates and a lot of sugars, saturated fats). Therefore, the task of parents is to take care of proper balanced nutrition for children and healthy products in their diet. Let’s find out 7 useful rules for healthy and happy living.

    Teach your Little One to Have Breakfast

    Research shows that children who have breakfast tend to eat healthier throughout the day, have fewer snacks (which is great for building eating behaviors and healthy blood sugar levels), are less likely to be overweight, more active, and perform tasks well. It is important to have a healthy breakfast not with simple carbohydrates, but with whole foods e.g.
    ● oatmeal or other cereal with berries and butter
    ● whole grain bread, greens, vegetables, baked meat/fish

    Add Proteins, Fats, and Carbohydrates to Each Meal

    To make it easier to follow this advice, print and hang a list on the refrigerator with different columns divided into proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and select the products for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, supplementing them with vegetables and greens.

    Healthy Snack

    Give your little one fruits, berries, nuts, and sour-milk products for a snack along with. You can include
    sweets in a snack or breakfast, but not as the basis of a meal. A good option for a snack would
    be chickpea puree with vegetables that the child likes, and whole grain bread. On Organic’s
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    you can find many useful baby snacks such as puree pouches cereals and porridge,

    Build a Clear Diet Schedule

    Teach a baby to eat according to the schedule at the designated time, keeping gaps of at least 3 hours between meals. Establish rules for healthy eating such as eating only at the kitchen table at home, without gadgets, or TV, and preferably with the whole family.

    Make a Kid Drink Water

    Healthy nutrition for children also includes a sufficient water regime. Teach a baby to drink enough water and unsweetened drinks water and unsweetened drinks besides milk or baby formula milk. It is an extremely important habit for metabolism, good digestion, pooping, concentration, etc., a habit. And vice versa: fewer juices, fresh drinks, brewed drinks, sweet teas.

    Cook and Choose Products Together With a Child

    Cooking breakfast or dinner together, and visiting the supermarket are good opportunities to
    show a child different products and explain the principles of forming a healthy food plate. If you
    did not have such a tradition in your family before, you should give it a try. Don’t get tired of
    offering. Look for different approaches. Perhaps your little one likes to watch video recipes
    together and then implement them in the kitchen.

    Create a Friendly Atmosphere at the Table

    The time spent together at the table is not only about satisfying hunger. It is also a great
    opportunity for the family to be together, to tell each other how the day went, or to make plans
    for the weekend. Choose such topics for conversations that will be interesting to all participants of the meal. Avoid difficult questions such as problems at school or work, failing an exam, or
    missing class. Let the time of eating be pleasant and calm for every member of the family. It is
    also a good moment to discuss individual tastes, dishes, and products that you have on the
    table. If a child does not like a certain dish, do not force it to finish the meal. Better ask a baby
    what it would like to taste instead.