87-Year-Old Khalida Begum Donates 5 Lac Of Hajj Savings For COVID-19 Relief

87-Year-Old Khalida Begum Donates 5 Lac Of Hajj Savings For COVID-19 Relief
Khalida Begum along with her son Farooq Khan, a former IPS officer.

A Muslim woman, Khalida Begum, 87, from Indian Occupied Kashmir has stepped up and showcased that money isn’t everything. The woman has proudly donated 5 lac Indian rupees, which she had saved for Hajj pilgrimage, for coronavirus relief.

Check of donation by Khalida Begum on the name of Sewa Bharti Jammu, a RSS affiliated welfare organisation
check of donation.

Khalida Begum, a 87-year-old, woman from Indian Occupied Kashmir who is giving the world a loud message. Khalida Begum, late in her age, just like any Muslim wanted to do the Hajj pilgrimage. However, her plans were cut short due to the unprecedented global COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Khalida had saved Rs. 11 lac (5 lac INR) for her Hajj pilgrimage this year. Since there is no clear view of if Hajj will be carried out this year, Khalida decided to spend her savings for God.

COVID-19 keeping the world in a complete Lockdown and Poor People are facing the fear of hunger everywhere.

“Relief for others is the best deed, Says Khalida Begum.” With Kashmir in a complete lockdown since the last 234 days, the inception of COVID-19 has marred the Indian state with further problems. India has been in a turmoil politically and socially ever since the Kashmir curfew. On the contrary, Muslims like Khalida Begum keep reminding Modi’s Hindutva agenda that they will be fought with love.


Praising her act of kindness, an Indian (Hindu) citizen, with Twitter handler ‘RockyPanditAJk’ tweeted “Service to mankind is service to God. Khalida Begum G mother of Sh Farooq Khan H’Advisor to H’LG of Jammu And Kashmir,who had planned the holy Haj pilgrimage this year on her own expenses has cancelled the same and has donated Rs.5.0 lac to Sewa Bharti Jammu.”

Khalida Begum has donated her Hajj saving money to a welfare organization named ‘Sewa Bharati’ which is linked with RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh) which is a far-right organization. The RSS has been working to strip the rights of Kashmiri people (Specifically Muslims) at large scale.

Declaration from Khalida Begum regarding his donation to Sewa Bharti Jammu
image source: Twitter.

However, regardless of political and ethnic differences, the act of Khalida Begum is being praised even by Pakistani people.

Even the deputy speaker of Pakistan’s National Assembly, Qasim Khan Suri praised Khalida Begum for donating her savings for poor people during Coronavirus Lockdowns.