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    A Fortnite leak appears to confirm a Dragon Ball Z collab, the Attack Ball glider, and other upcoming features

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    After the second round of collaborative Naruto skins, there are rumors that Fortnite will add more anime to the game. Leaks from the past suggest that the next anime to come to the metaverse will be Dragon Ball Z.

    Epic Games is used to working with big names. They have worked with Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Rick and Morty, Naruto, Jordan, Balenciaga, Ferrari, and many others over the years.

    A Fortnite leak appears to confirm a Dragon Ball Z collab, the Attack Ball glider, and other upcoming features

    If a big brand can be added to Fortnite, it’s likely that Epic Games is looking into it or has plans to do so in the future. Dragon Ball Z seems to be one of these. Here are all the new details that have come out because of leaks.

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    The latest leaks seem to confirm that there will be a crossover between Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z.

    ShiinaBR, one of the most trusted and well-known Fortnite leakers, says that the collaboration will include more than just skins in the Item Shop.

    There are rumors that Epic Games is getting ready to add a new Mythic item this season. At the moment, players can get Mythic versions of the weapons they already have, as well as Darth Vader’s Mythic Lightsaber.

    But it’s hard to get to the guns, and a very strong NPC stands guard over the Lightsaber. Adding a Mythic item that is easier to get would be a good idea.

    Also, new leaks show that there will be challenges in the crossover. This is like the Naruto x Fortnite collaboration, where there were challenges and an NPC on the map.

    Shiina says that this is all that is known about the Dragon Ball collaboration:

    • Four Skins: Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, 99 percent a female skin
    • A special screen for events in the lobby
    • a lot of problems
    • Free clothes and accessories
    • An item called a “capsule” in Battle Royale and Creative.
    • A secret spot called “Preheat Attack Ball glider”

    There is no set date for the collaboration right now, but since the skins and other parts of the crossover were shown in the v21.30 update, it is likely to happen soon.

    Other things that the Fortnite update v21.30 added

    With the most recent update, the game now has a number of new skins. Ragsy is getting a summer theme and a new Summer Pack from Epic Games.

    FORTNITE Dragonz ball x collobaration

    Every season, Epic puts a pack with challenges and skin in the shop. These cost real money and are a great way to get XP during the holiday season. It will be the Sapphire Hagiri Quest Pack this season.

    The Prime Shotgun and Frozen Ice Cream Cones were both added in the latest update. Most likely, these are more healing items that can be used up.

    With the most recent update, the map also changed. The Reality Tree recently took over the Daily Bugle, which is now called the Daily Bloomgle.

    Also, the following items are brought back for the summer event

    • Boogie BombImpulse GrenadeCrash PadsUFOs
    • There are new NPCs coming to the island, like Unpeely and Summer Drift. There will also be a new way to save files in your locker. Based on the leaks and what was added in the v21.30 update, fans are in for a great summer.

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