A Fortnite teaser shows the theme for Chapter 3 of Season 4

    The fourth season of Fortnite Chapter 3 is almost here, but players don’t know what its theme will be. But Tabor Hill, a popular Fortnite YouTuber, might have given away the theme for the new season.

    Sunday, September 18, is the start date for the new season. With less than 10 days to go, players hoped Epic Games would give them more information about the theme of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. Sad to say, this has not occurred as of yet.

    A Fortnite teaser shows the theme for Chapter 3 of Season 4

    There have been a few rumours about the next season, which is good, but nothing has been confirmed yet. The latest teaser from Tabor Hill is very interesting, and many players think it hints at the next season’s theme.

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    With Chapter 3 of Season 4, darkness is coming.

    Tabor Hill posted a picture of Phaedra, a popular skin that came out with the Fortnite Crew July 2022 pack. The picture and its caption could hint that Chapter 3, Season 4, will be about darkness. Epic Games has had content creators drop similar hints in the past so that the post could be about the upcoming season and its theme.

    With Chapter 3 of Season 4, darkness is coming.

    The Halloween event will be part of the next season, and players hope that Fortnitemares 2022 will be as great as the ones that came before it. Halloween is all about darkness, and Season 4 of Chapter 3 is probably going to be about the same thing. Fans can expect Epic Games to add a lot of new skins to the new Battle Pass, in addition to Fortnitemares 2022.

    Aside from the Halloween event and Tabor Hill’s tweet, players of Fortnite have another clue about the theme of the next season. When Chapter 3 Season 3 came out, Epic Games shared a picture of the Battle Bus with a sunset to promote it.

    As a newcomer, I didn’t give this any thought. But the picture used to promote the first season of this chapter showed the Battle Bus in the morning. The picture from the second season showed the bus at noon. If Epic Games keeps doing things the same way, the next season should have a picture of the bus at night. Since the season starts in a little more than a week, the picture could get out in just a couple of days.

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    The tweets of Donald Mustard

    The Creative Director at Epic Games, Donald Mustard, is known for posting different hints about a popular video game. In one of his most recent posts, Mustard shared a video showing how light moves through different layers of glass. On September 2, he just tweeted “imagining,” and on September 8, he wrote an interesting post. This most recent tweet was just two lines from the song Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

    There is a chance that Mustard’s tweets about the game have nothing to do with it. But everyone in the community knows how influential he is, so he uses his Twitter account to drop hints about the title.

    There could be a battle between light and darkness in the next season. It could be like Season 2 of Chapter 2, one of the best seasons of Fortnite ever.

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