A Hippo Battle Video

    A Hippo Battle video is viral on Youtube with1.4 millions views. In this video, in Katavi, Tanzania, 800 hippos cram into one waterhole, and an epic fight breaks out. Watch the Hippo Battle video below.

    Video: A Hippo Battle

    A Hippo Battle Full Video Explained

    Out of the water, this hippo would soon overheat. But the waterhole is already full. It may not look very inviting. Oxpeckers ravage cracks in their delicate skin. And 20 tons of waste a day has turned it into a cesspit. But this hellhole could save his life– if he’s allowed in.
    This resident bull is bigger. But the outsider is desperate.

    Five tons of hippo clash, testing bulk, bite-size, and brute force. The outsider accepts defeat. He must venture into the unknown as the stranglehold of drought tightens.

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