A Lioness Mom Confronts a Trespasser to Protect her Cubs Video

    A Lioness mom Confronts a trespasser to protect her cubs video is going viral on social media. In this video, a lion mom finds her cubs in the orbit of another, unfamiliar lioness. This video has been viewed by 4.2 million peoples. Watch the full video below.

    Video: A Lion Mom find her Cubs and protect them

    At two months old, they have yet to learn how dangerous their world is. Hyenas and leopards are notorious cub killers. Less than half of lion cubs get to see their first birthday, and even fewer make it to adulthood. But the greatest risk of all is from other lions.

    Rose is on edge. A lioness has appeared alarmingly close to the cubs. It’s not one Nathan recognizes. Rose is not taking any chances. The lioness gets the message, but doesn’t move off completely. The female is keeping her distance. I think she got her lesson from the mother having a brief fight and lots of growling.

    It wasn’t a vicious attack by lions‘ standards, suggesting this female is from Rose’s own pride, the MKs. If she was a female from another pride, I think she would be really aggressive and see her off completely.

    Most lionesses would have introduced their cubs to the rest of the pride by now, but Rose is a cautious mother and hasn’t taken that step yet. She may not be ready. But Spotty, her pluckiest cub, is. I think these cubs are very curious of this other female, who she is, why they’re not allowed to go and see her. I’m sure the cubs are very bored of each other and their own mothers, and a chance to play with someone else would be just so, so tempting.

    This might be the first introduction to another lion, so this is a bit of a new experience. You know, who is this other person? Can we play with them?

    The cubs seem fascinated with their new playmate. This female from their pride isn’t a threat. She may well be their aunt, but Rose is still anxious.

    With the recent invasion of the nomad males in the valley, the cubs might be better off under the protection of the pride. But for now, Rose is still choosing to keep them hidden.