AC Quetta Nida Kazmi Threatens House Officers (BMC Doctors)

Assistant commissioner of Queta Sayeda Nida Kazmi

Assistant Commissioner (AC) Quetta Nida Kazmi threatened the female house officers (BMC doctors) of Bolan Medical College (BMC) also known as Bolan University of Medical & Health Sciences (BUMHS). She also expelled them out of girls hostel of Bolan medical college and made them sit on the road at the midnight of October 8 to October 9, 2019.
Video: AC Queta threatening female house officers of Bolan medical university.

According to details, a video clip became viral on social media which shows the arguments between Assistant commissioner Quetta and the female house officers of Bolan Medical university.

The viral video clip shows that Sayeda Nida Kazmi was yelling on female house officers, medical students and female doctors of Bolan medical college with arrogance.

“Don’t you know there are thousands of doctors in Quetta but only one assistant commissioner, which is me”.

Assistant commissioner of Queta city yelled at medical students and female house officers of BMC.

Nida Kazmi is also accused of threatening female house officers for bitter consequences. “You will mess with the assistant commissioner? AAP ki auqat Kia hai”, Nida Kazmi was found saying repeatedly.

After a heated argument with female doctors and medical students, the AC Queta kicked the BMC doctors out of the hostel and forced them to spend the night on a barren road. Below are some pictures of those female medical students after getting expelled from the hostel of BMC. Also, Watch Emporium Mall Lahore Cinema video scandal and details.

BMC doctors sitting on the road after getting expelled from the hostel of Bolan medical college (University)
BUMHS house officers sitting for protest against AC Queta Sayeda Nida Kazmi

Ac Quetta also ordered the male police officers to take out female doctors and house officers from the hostel of Bolan medical college. While forcing these females, Police officers broke their luggage, spoiled their books and destroyed other personal items also. Below is the picture of a room of Bolan medical college’s girl’s hostel. Watch Johar Town Police Raid Video Scandal and Facts Behind it.

Girls hostel of Bolan medical college.

Public Reactions after AC Quetta Nida Kazmi expelled and threatened BMC House officers, medical students and female doctors

Soon after the video clip of “AC Nida Kazmi threatening the house officers of Bolan medical college” became viral on social media, the public started reacting angrily against the assistant commissioner of Quetta city. Public called it arrogance, misuse of power and even illegal action by her.

People on social media shaming Sayeda Nida Kazmi and demanding her to apologize from female house officers. Some are even demanding her resignation and calling her incompetent for the seat of an AC. A viral trend began on Twitter with a hashtag #SaySorryToBMCDoctors asking the Assistant commissioner of Quetta city to say sorry to the victimised house officers.
Undoubtedly every one is supporting BMC doctors who were treated cheaply by Sayeda Nida Kazmi.

Sohrab Baloch a resident of Quetta city, wrote that he condemns in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred and injustice towards female doctors of BUMHS by Nida Kazmi, Assistant Commissioner of Quetta. The expulsion of House Officers from hostels in this critical juncture of their studies &career is based on prejudice.

According to the latest reports, The effected female doctors of BMC are still sitting outside the governor house Balochistan holding a protest against Assistant commissioner of Quetta city.

A Twitter user said “Our sisters are waiting for justice but who will provide them? The Balochistan government is completely powerless. Mentally small but financially strong people are occupying all big offices. They will do whatever their small mind says. No hope of justice from these people.