Hamza Ali Abbasi quit showbiz industry

Pakistani actor and Social media activist Hamza Ali Abbasi quit showbiz industry and announced to live with Islamic way of life. According to details, Pakistani Actor (television drama and Film actor) Hamza Ali Abbasi announced in his recent video statement on Friday morning, November 15, 2019, that he decided to quit showbiz industry and he will spend rest of his life in an Islamic way. Watch the Latest video of Hamza Ali Abbasi, below.

Latest video of Hamza Ali Abbasi ( Hamza Ali Abbasi quit showbiz and starts an Islamic way of life)

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During his video statement, the actor Hamza Ali Abbasi said: Death is biggest reality of life. If we believe on this fact then we should look upon our lives right now and should think ‘if we are prepared to present ourselves in the front of our GOD (ALLAH)”.

We need to understand religion is a journey & this journey of emaan varies person to person . Never be too quick on your judgements.

Hamza Ali Abbasi said in his recent video statement.

Pakistani actor has already signalled about his decision to quit showbiz in a tweet on November 12, 2019. He had wrote that he has an important revelation to share with his millions of fans.


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Hamza Ali Abbasi was working in Pakistani movies and Television Drama Serial since more than a decade. He worked in some famous Pakistani movies like “WAR” and “The legend of Maula Jatt“. He also worked in many drama serials like “Pyare Afzal” by “Hum Tv” (A private Television channel in Pakistan).


Hamza Ali Abbasi is a social media activist also and a die hard supporter of Prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan. This is a second Pakistani celebrity in a Row who has decided to quit showbiz. Earlier on this week, Pakistani Pop-Singer Rabi Pirzada has also announced to quit showbiz industry and live a life in an Islamic way soon after her private videos leaked.

Pakistani actor turned social media activist Hamza Ali Abbasi got married with Pakistani Actress Naimal khawar in August 2019. His fans say that the marriage life could be one of the reaosn for which he decided to quit showbiz. Most of his fans on Twitter, appreciated his decision to quit showbiz and prayed for him to stay steady on the righteous path.

Reaction of a fan after Hamza Ali Abbasi quit showbiz industry.

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