Actress and Filmstar Veena Malik makes headlines after het leaked Audio call to her ex-husband goes viral on social media

Pakistani Filmstar Veena Malik’s leaked Audio call to her ex-husband Asad Khattak went viral on social media. In the leaked Audio call, Veena Malik can be heard threatening Asad Khattak of kidnapping his sisters and mother. You can listen Veena Malik’s leaked Audio call, in the video below.

Leaked Audio call of Veena Malik

This is how it all started.

On November 12, 2020, Asad Khattak, the ex-husband of popular film actress Veena Malik, says he has divorced his wife and now she has kidnapped his children.


Khattak said in a tweet, which contains Veena’s abusive and threatening call to him, that Veena brought his US national children to Pakistan from Dubai using fake court orders and then shifted them to an undisclosed location. He says that he had been forced to expose the real face of Veena Malik. He says that Veena uses foul language and hurls threats at him. He questioned Veena’s decision to bring his children to Pakistan and asked, “Who made their passports and when?”

Asad says Veena is continuously doing his character assassination and trying to malign him. He says that he has served Zahida, popularly known as Veen Malik, a defamation notice of Rs500 million. He says that he reserves the right to a legal remedy.


He says that his children Abram and Amal should be rescued from the custody of Veena. He also called upon the authorities concerned to put Veena’s name on the Exit Control List (ECL).

In the response to Asad Khattak, Veena Malik has also shared the pictures of her Divorce certificate with Asad Khattak and told they have divorced in 2017.


In an other tweet, Veena Malik has also shared the Guardian certificate of their kids and told that she is legal guardian of her kids since September 25, 2019.

She has also shared the Conciliation agreement from Dubai court according to which she has complete rights of guardianship of their kids starting from July 31, 2018.



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