Adin Ross Banned from Twitch for this video Clip During livestream – Shimdissy Twitter Video Clip from Adin Ross Twitch Stream

  • Twitch Streamer Adin Ross gets banned from Twitch for a short video clip someone else played during his livestream
  • Twenty seconds long video clip, because of which Adin Ross banned, shows two guys getting head.
  • People are reacting to Adin Ross’s ban on Twitch and searching for the purported video clip which got him banned
  • Twitter user Shimdissy has shared the purported video clip from Adin Ross banned stream and it gone viral
Shimdissy Twitter user shares a video clip from Adin Ross Twitch stream which got Adin Ross banned from Twitch and the video goes viral as Shimdissy got throat Twitter video
Image: Screenshot of Adin Ross Twitch stream which caused a ban on Adin Ross from Twitch

On August 1, 2021, Twitch streamer Adin Ross Got banned from Twitch, for the fourth time, because of a short clip that someone played during his Livestream. Meanwhile, Shimdissy Twitter user shared the clip (Which caused the ban on Adin Ross) and, Shimdissy Twitter video gone viral with the label (Shimdissy Twitter got throat video).


According to details, on August 1, 2021, Adin Ross was streaming live on Twitch along with other streamers. He was streaming live for almost two hours in which two streamers were twerking and dancing. Adin Ross’ stream gone very well for one hour and fifty-nine minutes. But during the last minute, something went wrong and Adin Ross received a ban on Twitch.

During the last minute of Adin Ross’ two hours stream, some troll played a short clip that shows a guy getting head from another guy. The twenty-second duration video clip was enough to strike a ban over Adin Ross and he got a strike.

“Adin Ross got banned on Twitch because a troll played gay p*rn on his stream LMAOOOO. That’s what he gets for being so unfunny lol,” wrote a Twitter user who was watching the whole Livestream video of Adin Ross on Twitch.

Right after getting banned from Twitch, Adin Ross came on Twitter and told about his Twitch ban by writing only three words “NO WAY BRO.”

Adin Ross tweets right after getting banned from Twitch for his livestream on August 1, 2021

Most of his fans, who were not present during his Livestream on Twitch, got confused by his tweet. But within no time, they found that Adin Ross was banned from Twitch for a short clip which someone else played during his Livestream.

Realizing this fact, Twitter is being flooded with people asking for the clip which caused Adin Ross ban.

Besides the people hunting Adin Ross banned clip, many people are now trolling Adin Ross for him being unfunny.

Where Can You find the video clip which got Adin Ross banned from Twitch – Shimdissy Twitter video

Since the news spread of Adin Ross’s recent ban because of a video clip someone else played during the stream, people are hunting for that purported video clip. As Adin Ross got the strike on Twitch, people were not able to access his last Livestream video and see the video clip.

However, some Twitter users have recorded his Livestream video and shared the video clip on Twitter. A Twitter user Shimdissy (@Shimdissy) was the first person to share half a minute of the purported video clip which caused a ban on Adin Ross.

The video clip was labeled as “Shimdissy Twitter got throat video” on TikTok and people are now rushing to Twitter to watch Shimdissy Twitter video and to find out what was going on in the clip played during Adin Ross Livestream on Twitch.

Besides Twitter user Shimdissy, many others have also shared the purported video clip from Adin Ross’s banned stream and you can watch it on Twitter by going on this link.

Watch Adin Ross Twitch stream full video, during which Adin Ross was banned from, below.

Video: Adin Ross full stream getting banned

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