After the May 4 update to Warzone Season 3, here are the five best assault rifles to use on Rebirth Island.


Game of War The monstrous new season of Warzone is now available. The meta has undergone a dramatic shift over the course of the game.


Caldera’s new season has brought with it a slew of new points of interest (POIs) and map updates. Rebirth Island’s popularity hasn’t waned despite the return of players to the more traditional battle royale map.

In comparison to Caldera’s vast open spaces, Rebirth Island’s design is compact. Gunfights in different environments necessitate different tactics.

In contrast to Caldera, Rebirth’s gunfights are heavily reliant on close to mid-range combat.

Game of War The monstrous new season of Warzone is now available. The meta has undergone a dramatic shift over the course of the game.

Exploring these weapons in Warzone’s Rebirth Island will lead to tremendous gains in the game.

Choosing a gun can be a challenge in Warzone because the meta is constantly shifting and changing. After the May 4 update, the meta-list has changed a little.

Here are the top five assault rifles currently available in Rebirth Island for gamers who prefer to use them.

1) Cold War AK 47.

For the past few seasons, this weapon from Black Ops Cold War has been the undisputed king. Raven, on the other hand, made a few tweaks to it on May 4th.

The Cold War AK 47, with its high damage profile and respectable range, is still capable of wreaking havoc in an instant. Rebirth’s best weapon is this one if you can handle the recoil.


Using the GRU suppressor and the Spetsnaz RPK Barrel, Warzone players can maximise bullet velocity and minimise TTK.

As with other Cold War-era weapons, the AK-47 is extremely mobile and has a good ADS rate. A 45-round magazine and the Spetsnaz Grip reduce the horizontal recoil, making ADS faster.

Attachments that should be considered:
Spetsnaz RPK 20″ Barrel with GRU Suppressor Muzzle 3xUnderbarrel: Spetsnaz Grip 45-round magazine.

the *NEW* BEST AK47 SETUP 🔥 FAST KILLING! (Best AK47 Class Setup) - Cold War

2) STG 44

One of the most well-balanced weapons on Rebirth Island is the Call of Duty Vanguard firearm The gun in Warzone is once again a beast following the Season 3 update, where it received a significant buff.


The VDD 760mm Barrel is required to get the additional damage ranges and damage profiles. Bullet velocity will be increased as a result of this as well.

Recommendation: Use Recoil Booster muzzle for faster ADS speed. They’re all fairly standard and are listed below:

Attachments that are recommended for use.

  • The muzzle is a recoil enhancer.
  • For the barrel, we have the following specifications:
  • Stock: VDD 34S, Optic: G16 2.5x Weighted a M1930 Strife Angled under the barrel
  • The magazine is an 8mm Kurz 60 round drum.
  • Incendiary ammunition Polymer Grip is used for the rear hand grip.
  • Vitality Perk 2: Everything You Need
video: STG 44

3) C58.

If you’re still playing COD Warzone, the Black Ops Cold War C58 is a viable weapon to use.


In terms of damage and TTK, it’s one of the best weapons out there. The recoil pattern is also easier to learn than on the Cold War AK-47, which has a steeper learning curve. Using a C58 as a backup weapon to an SMG is a great idea in Rebirth’s quick gunfights.

To maximise Bullet Velocity and damage range in Warzone, players must equip the Agency Suppressor and the Task Force Barrel. The rest of the accessories are standard fare that will do the job.

  • Attachments that are recommended for use.
    Weapon: Agency Suppressor Muzzle:
  • 18.5″ Task Force Barrel Optic:
  • Axial Arms Muzzle 3xUnderbarrel:
  • Grip of the Field Agent Publication:
  • Magazine: 45 Rnd Drum
the C58 is NOW the BEST AR on REBIRTH ISLAND🔥! (Vanguard Warzone)

4) XM 4.

The M4A11 from the 1980s is one of Warzone season 3’s most useful weapons.

Season 3 saw some changes to the gun’s profile from Raven Software. But despite these changes, the gun’s usability hasn’t been affected, and the damage range has increased from 850 to 880.


In Warzone’s Rebirth Island, the mid-range build for the gun is one of the best options.

To get the best possible damage and range, players should equip an Agency Suoppressor with a task force barrel. Additionally, the barrel will increase the velocity of the bullet by increasing the distance it can travel.

Warzone players must use the Field Agent Grip to manage the Horizontal Recoil. Rebirth Island’s enemies will be annihilated by this traditional build’s 45 Rnd Mag and Axial Arms 3x.

This XM4 CLASS is all you need for Warzone Season 3! (Rebirth Island Warzone)

5) Vargo 52.

Lastly, the Vargo 52 makes an appearance on this list. The Black Ops Cold War assault rifle is one of the most powerful low-recoil weapons in Rebirth.


In recent updates, Raven has made some changes to the recoil pattern. It now has more horizontal recoil distance, but a smaller vertical spread. Both a nerf and a boost can be attributed to this change. Because the recoil is now more manageable, this gun’s recoil should be practically nonexistent.

The gun’s construction is fairly straightforward. The muzzle should be the GRU Suppressor, and the barrel should be the Task Force Barrel. Players will benefit from this by increasing their bullet speed and damage potential.

In the mid-range, Axial Arms 3x will take care of things, and with a faster ADS, a quick switch to hipfire will be a great help in those close-range fights that come up out of nowhere.

  • Attachments that are recommended for use.
  • Noose: A suppressor for the GRU
  • Task Force 18.6″ Barrel
  • Axial Arms can be seen in the optics The Spetsnaz Grip A 45-round Speed Mag ammo.

Rebirth Island’s player population has remained stable while players await the arrival of Godzilla and Kong in Warzone. These five ARs are so powerful that there is no doubt they will help anyone on Rebirth Island, no matter what their level of ability is.


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