Agnimmvids Video on Twitter – Agnimmvids Twitter Videos explored


Agnimmvids video goes viral on Twitter and people are scratching their head after seeing how Twitter could allow such kind of videos on its platform.

Agnimmvids video on Twitter goes viral
Image: Screenshot of Agnimmvids video on Twitter

According to details, on July 28, 2021, hundreds of people on TikTok began talking about “Agnimmvids Twitter video” without giving any hint and created confusion among viewers. Very few of them were aware about the reality of Agnimmvids video and others are wondering what are Agnimmvids Twitter video all about.

What is Agnimmvids Video on Twitter

Twitter has a unique policy regarding NSFW content on its platform and they keep removing NSFW content and usually, they disable those accounts which actively share such type of content.

However, there are still thousands of Twitter users who are sharing NSFW video content on Twitter. Similarly, “Agnimmvids” is a Twitter user with username @Agnimmvids, who keep sharing the NSFW videos on his timeline.

Interestingly, his account hasn’t been disabled despite of sharing hundreds of such videos. After digging deep into Twitter, we found that this user has alternate Twitter accounts such as “Agnimmvids1, Agnimmvids2, Agnimmvids3, and Agnimmvids7.”

However, his main Twitter account “Agnimmvids” has more than 463,000 followers and hundreds of videos on his timeline.

The video in Question “Agnimmvids Twitter” which recently went viral on TikTok, shows a girl in black shirt, travelling in a bus and exposing herself. The purported video has received 3.7 million views until the writing of this post.

Now the Question is that where can you watch, Viral Agnimmvids Twitter video?

Our advice for you is to not look for the video due to its explicit nature. However, if you are too much curious and can’t hold yourself, then you can watch Agnimmvids Twitter video here and here.

Watch more about Agnimmvids Twitter videos, in the video, below.
Video: Agnimmvids Twitter video explained