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Dr Ahmed Shah Funny Answer In The Live Show

Dr Ahmed Shah Funny Answer

A 10 Years old Kid Dr Ahmed Shah became famous by His funny way. Did You hear ” 10 years old Doctor “?. He is not doctor by profession but got this title because of his funny responses. In the beginning his few videos became viral over social media. Millions of people have scene his funny Videos.

Ahmed Shah in ARY news Programme

After getting Famous on social media, Tv shows started Inviting Ahmed so he got more fame. The kid is not just cute but he is very funny also. Most famous sentence of Ahmed Shah is ” Pechy Dekho “. The video was filmed outside of his house. One of his uncle was filming the video along his friends and they all were laughing on his funny sentences. The boy Ahmed Shah was telling his friends “Pechy Dekho “( Look Behind you ). There was a chicken behind but the way he was asking was too funny that video got millions of video views all over Pakistan and India on social media. Here is that specific video ” Pechy deikho “.

Some Most Funny Clips of Ahmed Shah

Pechy Dekho by Ahmed Shah

This ia not the only video which got viral on social media. There are tons of Ahmed Shah’s Funny Videos getting thousands of shares and millions of views on facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Another video of Ahmed Shah in ARY tv morning show.

Here is the Video of Ahmed along his mother.

The Fame of this Funny Kid gone to another level when TikTok users started using his voice over in their funny Videos. Here are few famous TikTok videos with the voice over of Ahmed Shah.

TikTok funny Videos of Ahmed Shah
Funny TikTok Videos of Ahmed Shah

The fame did not stayed upto only Ahmed Shah but his family also came on Video camera. Here is the mother of This cute, Funny little kid Ahmed Shah.


Social media users on Ahmed Shah

As a social media star Ahmed Shah received an huge attention on social media Platforms. Here are some social media posts about him.

Ahmed Shah is working in Tv Advertisements also. Here is the First Tv Ad of him.

Also watch.

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