Ali Zaidi Alleged Leaked Audio is Fake, Says Information Ministry – PTI Minister Ali Zaidi’s leaked Audio Debunked

PTI Minister Ali Zaidi leaked Audio recording goes viral on social media

An alleged Audio Recording titled “Ali Zaidi leaked Audio” emerged on social media which claims that the man in the alleged Audio is PTI’s Minister Ali Zaidi.

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However, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and other sources have confirmed that the alleged Audio is fake and fabricated and the person in the viral Audio recording is not minister Ali Zaidi.

According to details, on April 17, 2021, and Audio recording (duration: three minutes) emerged on social media, in WhatsApp groups, and on YouTube. People, who are spreading the Audio, are claiming that it is PTI’s minister Ali Zaidi’s leaked Audio.

The Audio shows a man Cursing Pakistani people, talking about TLP and its leaders and the role of the establishment and Pakistan Army, and accusing the establishment of the formation of TLP.

The purported Audio recording went viral on social media. And people began criticizing Mr. Ali Zaidi.

We can not upload the original Audio here as it is against the law to spread such kind of material. However, you can hear it on YouTube here.

However, the official Twitter page of “Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for exposing Fake news” has clarified that the alleged Audio is fake.

It said in a statement on Twitter:

“An alleged Audio doing rounds in Whatsapp groups is fake and Minister Ali Zaidi has nothing to do with audio, FIA has already been asked to initiate inquiry.
Disseminating #FakeNews is not only unethical and illegal. It is the responsibility of everyone to reject #FakeNews.”

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Commenting on the purported Audio, Senior PTI leader, Sayed Zulfi Bukhari said: “Poor attempt at mimicking @AliHZaidiPTI -don’t laugh or sound like him at all.
Those who’ve built their careers on lies & pretending to be something they are not, it’s only natural they will use propaganda. Such a failure!”

Senior Journalist, Hamid Mir, also commented by saying: “Someone sent me this audio clip few minutes ago and I am sure it’s not @AliHZaidiPTI someone trying to spread #FakeNews”

Minister Ali Zaidi hasn’t responded to the alleged Audio recording yet. We will update the article as he responds.