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    All around Japan, new Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super advertisements can be seen

    New Fortnite x Dragon Ball. One day from now, one of the biggest groups of people to ever work together in Fortnite will do so. From what people are saying about it and how many people liked the official teaser on Twitter, it’s safe to say that the hype is crazy. But it looks like things have taken a bit of a turn.

    All around Japan, new Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super advertisements can be seen

    A picture found in Shinjuku City, Japan, shows that the collaboration with Dragon Ball is for the latest ‘Super’ series. Leaks have said this for a long time, but this is the first time it has been confirmed. It makes sense since Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is coming out on August 26.

    This new information will change a few things players were expecting to see in the collaboration. Even though nothing is sure yet, there is some talk about what players might see in Fortnite soon.

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    A day from now, Dragon Ball Super will be added to Fortnite.

    Based on what we know right now, fans and leakers are pretty sure that Goku will get an Ultra Instinct style. Since this move was first shown in Dragon Ball Super, it makes sense that it would be in the game.

    Ultra Instinct may be like Eddie Brock’s outfit or skin for Venom because it is a transitional power. If this is true, players can switch between ultra and normal form with an emote built into the game.

    HYPEX, a leaker, says that Goku and Vegeta will be able to turn into Super Saiyans with an emote that will be part of the collaboration of the new Fortnite x Dragon Ball. Because of this information, we can’t say for sure if “Super Saiyan” is a placeholder for “Ultra Instinct” or if Goku will have more than one style to choose from.

    Given how important the character is to the series, it’s likely that the second will be true. Players can also expect to see a lot of cosmetics for their characters, in addition to the styles. This could also refer to the Turtle School Uniform.

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    When will the collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball Super start?

    Even though the collaboration is supposed to start on August 16, there seems to be some confusion about when things will start. HYPEX says that the new Battle Bus, cosmetics/items, and challenges will likely be available five hours after the end of the downtime.

    If the downtime starts at 4 a.m. Eastern Time, the collaboration will be back up and running by 9 a.m. Epic Games has had a lot of time to work on this update and the new content, so everything should go smoothly. But things might be held up for no more than an hour if there are problems.

    Once the partnership starts, it will last until the end of Chapter 3, Season 3 of Fortnite. Players will have one month to buy cosmetics from the Item Shop and finish any related challenges. With about 24 hours left until things start, more leaks are likely to come out soon.

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