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    Amber Rae Mcelravy Video – Woman Jailed for Abusing Foster Child, Video goes viral on Facebook

    A video Surfaced on Facebook shows a woman, Amber Rae Mcelravy, deliberately abusing her foster child. After the video of Amber Rae Mcelravy, went viral, police have arrested her and she has been jailed for Felony and Child Endangering.

    While people are sharing their emotions over Amber Rae’s video, many are curious to know more about her.

    Who is Amber Rae Mcelravy

    Amber Rae Mcelravy is a 27-year-old woman from Ohio. Amber is registered to vote since October 07, 2017 in Trumbull County. Records show Kyle J Mcelravy (29) as possible relative.

    Amber Rae Mcelravy who is in jail on charges of Felony and Child Endangering

    She is on Facebook and her Facebook account Screenshot is given below.

    Screenshot of Facebook profile of Amber Rae Mcelravy

    Amber Rae Mcelravy video and the incident explained

    A video of Amber Rae Mcelravy surfaced on Facebook which sparked outrage online. People are furiously reacting to the heinous act recorded in the purported video. Due to its sensitive nature, we can not upload Amber Rae’s video here and we will advise you to not watch it. However, if you are curious to know the whole situation, Here is the link to Facebook post with Amber Rae Mcelravy video.

    Incident and Details:

     A 27-year-old woman is in Trumbull County Jail Wednesday morning.

    Amber McElravy was booked Tuesday on a felony charge of child endangering.

    She is currently being held without bond.

    The child involved is now in emergency foster care through Trumbull County Children Services.

    Amber is seen beating a child by fist and belt. She was arrested. If you click into her Facebook profile pictures and cover photo people are sharing the video of her beating the young child.

    People React to Amber Rae Video

    After Amber Rae’s video emerged on social media, people began criticising her and many demands that she should be charged for attempt of murder.

    A Twitter user “Samantha” wrote:

    “i hope amber rae mcelravy never sees the light of day again. unfortunately she probably will not get a sentence she deserves.”

    Another person wrote in a tweet: “Amber Rae McElravy should be charged with attempted murder of a toddler. What a worthless piece of f**king sh!t. I have no empathy for anyone like that. So fucking disgusting. Donโ€™t watch the video.”

    See what people are saying to Amber Rae’s act after watching her video.

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