Young couple Got Married in Lahore.
Ahmer and Gumza. Image: Screenshot from Daily Pakistan’s video.

Recently, Videos and pictures of a young couple became viral on social media. Some people made fun of them but other many people praised their act of getting marry rather than staying in an illegitimate relationship.

Another 19-year-old couple, boy Ahmer and Girl Gumza, got married. Watch their interview in the video, below. Also, Watch Mysterious death of Iqra Kainat of Kashana Lahore.

Video: Interview of Ahmer and Gumza, a 19year-old couple which got married in a young age

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Previously this month, Asad and Nimrah got married in the age of 18. Also, Watch A Girl Imprisoned for 25Years over false allegations of Kidnapping a child.

In their interview, the 19-year-old couple given a message to couple which could improve the society. “We should follow the PROPHET (P.B.U.H) and stop getting into illegitimate relationships. Marriage is far better than a sin, Gumza said in her video interview.” Also, Watch Alizeh Shah Viral Video and leaked Scandal.


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