Another video of Tayyeba Farooq and her husband leaked. In the video Tayyeba Farooq and her husband beating a citizen in the local police station of Chiniote. They kidnapped the citizen from Chiniote on a matter of money.

Few days ago issue highlighted when a lady Tayyeba Farooq published some video and audio recording where She is in the office of Chairman NAB office. Te scandal got attention on media and social media because Chairman NAB was talking indecent with the lady.

Tayyeba Farooq later claimed that she is victim of harassment from Chairman NAB Javed Iqbal. NAB denied the authenticity of these videos and audio. Also watch: Tayyeba Farooq first Video Statement.

Tayyeba Farooq claims that she was trying to fight against a land Mafia head and submitted an application against him. But on meeting with chairman NAB in his office, Justice Rtd Javed Akhtar harassed her and tried to make illegitimate relationship with her.

Tayyeba Farooq in Chairman NAB Scandal
Tayyeba Farooq ( Alleged woman in Chairman NAB Scandal ).

Social media reaponded on the scandal.

People doubt on innocence of Tayyeba Farooq and her husband but they raising questions on Character of Chairman NAB also. The leaked video and audio shows that Chairman NAB tried to take advantage of the woman.

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