Antonio Brown Walks-off And Roasted On Twitter

Antonio Brown walks off the field

Antonio Brown Shocks the spectators and walks off the field. He took off his jersey and threw it towards the crowd. Furthermore, he stripped off other attachments and sprang them in the air.


Moreover, he jiggled on the field for a moment. He raised his left arm and pointed to the crowd. After that shirtless Antonio fled from the ground. It was a dramatic and absurd dismissal. 

“It’s unbelievable”, commentator. 

Views Of The Coach

During Tampa Bay Buccaneers match vs. Newyork Jets, Antonio Brown absurdly gave up on his team mates and went off the field. Whereas, his sudden dismissal caused serious confusion among the members and the Coach of Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  

In a conference The Coach made blunt remarks. He said,” He is no longer a Buc”. He went on and spoke,” This is the story, I’m no longer talking about him.”

Antonio Roasted On Twitter

He walked off the field on Sunday. Antonio has been roasted on twitter for that. Someone tweeted that tolerating Antonio for nearly for 10 seasons is an achievement for the coach. 

In the storm of news about his walking off the filed and his removal from the team, viewers say that it isn’t any good or heroic about taking off the shirt. Or to walk off the ground. No matter what Antonio had in mind while doing this. However, his stunt has negatively impacted his image among his fans

People jokingly said that Antonio freaked out in order to be escorted away from the buccaneers. 

The Cost Of His Stunt

Antonio walked off the field. Before that Antonio had a remarkable future awaiting him. He just needed 8 more catches to claim a $333,333 Bonus. In addition to this, he was in need of 55 receiving yards to win another $333,333 Bonus. Additionally, he merely had to get 1 receiving TD to catch yet another $333,333 bonus.  

His absurd outburst has caused him too much loss. Now he is no longer a part of his team. He has hurt his fans and coach. He has seriously damaged his reputation. 

Who Is Antonio Brown?

Antonio Brown is an American football wide receiver who has played for Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has been a great wide receiver. Nonetheless, Just little short of a great achievement, he has been nearly removed from the team. Read more…..