Apple Event March 2019 And Big Announcements


Apple’s special Event march 2019 doesn’t look like hardware release But It is more of New Service. Ahead of Apple Event they already released a ton of new Products. On last Monday we Saw iPad mini and new iPad Aired. In Tuesday we saw New iMac.

Apple Event march 2019
New iMac of Apple. Image source.

On Wednesday Apple released New airpods, new watch Bands and smart covers etc.

But what is special in the Apple’s Event of March 25th 2019. Notably there are two different services, Apple has released in today’s Event.

Apple Announced New Apple News Subscription Service

Apple News Plus service will cost $ 9.99/ month. And its not just includes those magazines that were part of texture but it also includes some newspapers like WSJ ( WALL STREET JOURNAL ) and LA TIME STORIES ( LOS ANGELES TIMES ). It is aso going to be rolling out in Canada, UK as well Australia will be the next Market. The Apple News Plus service will have personalized customization as well as full access to all these magazines. It will be available for families, it means that whole family can use this service in only $9.99 / month. Here is The Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announcing the News Plus service.

Apple Introduced Credit Card Called ” Apple Card “

Apple just announced ” Apple Card “. This is next generation sort of digital credit card done in partnership with Master Card and Goldman Sachs. Company said, it’s trying to help their users to achieve the goal of healthier financial life. They said that they will have lower interest rate and also no Penalty interest Fees. They also Introduced a feature ” Daily Cash ” in the Apple Card. That means when You purchase something using their service, a two percent of your overall purchase from any Apple store. So they are trying to incentivize the people so people will tend to use their new service.

Here are More Details of Apple Card by APPLE’S CEO TIM COOK

Their are no complications to use this Apple service. People don’t need to wait for days to get their credit card. You just need to Sign up on Your iPhone and you will get Your Apple card within minutes. People can use it worldwide anywhere with Apple Pay.

Apple Card

Apple card will be available with all Apple devices and it is always with you in the Wallet App. Wallet App has new Capabilities so you can see what you spent, How Much you spent and when your payment is due.

Apple launches Apple Card
Apple Just Launched Apple Card ” A digital Credit card”

Apple’s Gaming Service ” Apple Arcade “

Apple launched new Gaming service called ” Apple Arcade  ” with the partnership of Disney, Sega and Annapurna. Pricing of this Gaming service will be in single digits.

Apple Arcade service is world 1st Gaming Subscription service for Mobile devices, Desktop and the living room.

Apple Even March 2019
With The single Subscription users can access to Hundred Plus games.

Apple Arcade will be a new Area in its App store with New dedicated Tab. Rather to pay For a single game, Subscription will allow users to download and play any of available Games in Apple Arcade. The company also said that It will keep adding the New games with the passage of time. Users can Play Apple Arcade games using iPhone, iMac and Apple Tv. They can also switch from one device to another. Another interesting thing of This gaming service is that Unlike Streaming services any game will be available to play offline. So You have full freedom to choose your best place to sit and play even in the Parks.

Apple Event March 2019
Apple Arcade games doesn’t collect any personal data. Image: Apple Event.

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