Spin bowling of Aqib Liaqat

Aqib Liaqat (Aqib Liaquat) is a 20-year-old talented spin bowler belongs to Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Recently, a video of Aqib Liaqat emerged on social media in which Aqib can be seen spinning the ball while bowling a tape-ball. Watch Aqib Liaqat’s viral video, below.

Video: Spin bowling of Aqib Liaqat
Video: Aqib Liaqat spins tape ball

Have you ever seen this type of tape-ball spinner?
This is Aqib Liaquat spinning the ball with tape-ball before top-order batsmen of Ajk Tapeball.

After watching the viral video of Aqib Liaqat, viewers are hoping that Aqib can be a very useful asset for Pakistan’s cricket.


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