Ariana Grande 6th Album 'Positions' leaked online and people are sharing the link to Ariana Grande's leaked Album on social media
Ariana Grande’s new album ‘Positions’ leaks

Twitter has been flooded with the rumours of Ariana Grande Leaked Album (Position) before it is officially released. People on social media are talking that Ariana Grande’s 6th album (Positions) has been leaked and many of them are sharing the link to Leaked Album in their tweets. Watch one of the links to Ariana Grande leaked Album, below.

People are so excited for ‘Positions’ that they thought Doja cat has leaked the album when she was talking about her collaboration with Ariana Grande, earlier last week. But in fact, Doja Cat hasn’t leaked anything related to the Positions.

In the meantime, People came up with a Google drive link to the ‘Positions leaked Album‘ and start posting it on social media. See another tweet with the link of Google today Ariana Grande’s leaked album, below.

Although, we do not advise people to Listen Ariana Grande’s upcoming album through these links circulating on social media. It is best to wait until this Friday, October 30, when Ariana Grande is going to release her New album officially.

On Tuesday morning, October 27, 2020, Ariana Grande has provided link to “Positions“.

She has also given the link to Positions Single, in a tweet she posted a couple of days before. Watch the link to Positions (6th Album of Ariana Grande) in the tweet embedded, below.

Earlier last week, “#positions lockscreen” trends and people are changing their wallpapers related Ariana Grande’s upcoming track “Positions.”

Watch, Ariana Grande’s positions (OFFICIAL LEAKED AUDIO of Positions), in the video, below.

Ariana Grande – positions (OFFICIAL LEAKED AUDIO)

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