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    ASU multicultural center video – ASU students’ argument at a multicultural space goes viral

    ASU multicultural center video is getting viral on social media platforms. A dispute between two groups of students at Arizona State University was caught on camera last week. The video has been viewed millions of times. It shows two white male students being asked to leave a multicultural area.

    The altercation, which quickly went viral on social media, happened in ASU’s new multicultural area. A sizable space inside the student pavilion on the Tempe campus.

    The conversation between the two guys and the two female students of color. Who supported and assisted in organizing the multicultural area was caught on camera as it quickly became heated.

    The female students later claimed that the altercation was precipitated by a man with a sticker reading “Police lives matter” on his laptop. “Did not vote for Biden,” read the tee that the other man was sporting.

    ASU multicultural center video

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    ASU multicultural center video – Racism is at peak

    As of Wednesday, one video uploaded on Twitter had 5.5 million views. For many years, groups of ASU students have pushed for the creation of multicultural spaces on campus as a place where people from underrepresented groups are. People of color, LGBTQ people, and other groups could gather and discuss issues.

    The campaign culminated last summer during a demonstration in which student organizations protested against racial inequality on campus and voiced their discontent over the lack of such a center, among other issues.

    Shortly after, ASU President Michael Crow declared that the school would create a multicultural area on campus as part of a larger set of steps to support Black students and staff.

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    ASU multicultural video – Explained

    ASU multicultural center video getting viral because it includes discrimination. The women who were filming the exchange informed the guys. “This is our space,” and claimed the police sticker made the neighborhood uneasy. According to video clips, the women claimed that the white guys are “not being emphasized” because the area is multicultural.

    Sarra Tekola and Mastaani Qureshi were the women later identified, and Chase Beckerman was the man.

    “White’s not a culture,” the other man responds. Tekola responds, “No, it’s not a culture. A culture called white is not.

    Things became tenser. Qureshi stated that the guys were being asked to leave if they “had any compassion for persons of color” rather than being forced to leave.

    The women claimed that Beckerman’s “Police lives matter” bumper sticker was racist and accused him of being one after learning that it was a retort to the Black Lives Matter campaign.

    ASU multicultural center video - ASU students' argument at a multicultural space goes viral

    The males claimed they were only attempting to study on campus and, at times, appeared astonished by the scenario.

    Beckerman apologizes and explains that he didn’t mean to offend them.

    The conversation goes on, but both sides start screaming and swearing. The males finally seem to go away.

    We had to safeguard the space because ASU wasn’t, Tekola stated as she turned the camera on herself and battled for this area. We won’t just allow some white racists to change that; it took years of the organization. The goal of multiculturalism is to safeguard the most vulnerable and not just say, “Oh, let’s all get together and hold hands.”

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    ASU discusses the situation with the students

    ASU multicultural center video – Administrators at the university were alerted about the altercation. According to a university statement, the issue will be discussed with those involved by the dean of students office. That is now taking place, but a spokeswoman declined further details due to student privacy.

    Over 100,000 people from all 50 states and more than 150 countries comprise the ASU community. Opinion differences are a normal element of college life. In all interactions, the institution demands respectful discussion between students, according to the statement.

    According to the women in the video, they spent five years lobbying ASU to create a multicultural place on campus and were now attempting to “protect” it. They made it clear that the police sticker was the reason they asked the pupils to leave rather than the fact that they were white.

    According to Tekola, a representative of the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition. “The video that the conservative side of the internet took up is taking one side and is not contextualizing it.”

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