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    Attempts at a Crazy Fortnite Experiment Might of Indiana Jones

    Indiana Jones was first seen in Fortnite a while ago. The strange adventurer is part of the Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass and has become a fan favorite in the game. To mark the event, the developers added a few new challenges and changed how The Temple looked.

    Even though the challenges are fun, The Temple has become the main attraction, which is the way it should be. One of the challenges is to steal a relic from the point of interest (POI). Collaboration is a lot like the Indiana Jones movies, so this is easier to say than to do.

    Indiana Jones was first seen in Fortnite a while ago

    As soon as a player gets the relic, a huge Runaway Boulder starts and Fortnite Indiana Jones chases them until they reach the entrance to The Temple. Let’s just say that it flattens anything or anyone in its way. But it looks like there might be a way to stop the huge boulder, at least temporarily.

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    Vehicle vs. boulder in Chapter 3 of Fortnite

    Because there is physics in Fortnite, things have mass and size. So, when a boulder rolls downhill, it tends to hit things with a lot of force when it gets loose. The boulder in The Temple POI is the same. Once it is set free, it will keep going until it gets to the end of the hallway.

    But it looks like it might be possible to stop it for a short time. In a recent video, YouTuber Glitch King showed how a line of 10 cars can slow down the boulder for a while.

    But it does get away in the end, and there’s a reason for that. Unlike other boulders in the game that move on their own, this one is programmed and follows a set path. Even an Armored Wall won’t be able to stop it until it gets where it’s going. Even though it might take a while, the boulder will break through the wall and keep rolling.

    Vehicle vs. boulder in Chapter 3 of Fortnite

    Let’s just say that the boulder might be the most powerful thing in Fortnite right now. Even Darth Vader wouldn’t be able to stop him from crushing him in a hypothetical situation. Having said that, it does bring up an interesting idea.

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    Should all Fortnite boulders that roll away be this strong?

    In Fortnite, boulders that move on their own have become a star-studded attraction. Like living Timber Pines, boulders follow and roll over their targets over and over again. But, unlike the boulder at The Temple POI, they are easy to break with a few swings of the pickaxe.

    In theory, an opponent will be able to stop a boulder from coming at them if they fire at it and destroy it. Since this will make it useless, would it be a good idea to buff it and make it immune to damage? Most likely not.

    Since they are all over the map, it won’t be fun to be chased by an unbreakable boulder. Loopers will get caught trying to avoid the big rock and won’t be able to do anything else. Even though it would be fun to see, it wouldn’t work in the long run.

    Fortnite Indiana Jones maybe someone could make a custom map for Fortnite’s daredevils with a similar system, where players could do things like chase boulders without worrying about dying.

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