Australian Journalist Praises Naya Pakistan After the Arrest of Customs Officer

Dennis Freedman faces corruption at Lahore Airport
Video: Australian Journalist Dennis Freedman tells the story of Corruption at Lahore Airport

Australian Journalist Dennis Freedman Praises ‘Naya Pakistan’ after the arrest of Custom Officer who asked bribe from him at Lahore Airport. Dennis wrote in a tweet, “Naya Pakistan. Keep dobbing in this kind of behaviour. Inshallah, it will quickly die.”

According to details, Australian Journalist Dennis Freedman was in Pakistan for the coverage of PSL. While leaving from Lahore to Australia, a customs officer scammed him by telling a ‘Business class line’ and asked for bribes later.


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Dennis shared the story of the incident in a short video on Twitter. The video became viral on social media and people of Pakistan were apologising him for the behaviour of the customs officer.

Taking action on the viral video, authorities have arrested the said custom officer identified as Imran Muzaffar, from Lahore Airport.


Dennis Freedman responded to the news of the arrest of the customs officer with funny tweets.

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