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    Bella Hadid’s spray-painted Coperni dress left the netizens surprised

    Bella Hadid’s spray-painted Coperni dress on the runway at Paris Fashion Week stole the show. The spray painting was done during the show, which made it even more unique and left the Internet shocked and amazed.


    Bella Hadid’s body was sprayed with fabric, which then hardened into a material called Fabricant that could be worn. The crowd was mesmerized as they watched the whole thing happen on stage, and netizens called the creation “pure art.” As Halloween outfits are so rare, you can use Bella Hadid’s spray-painted Coperni as your Halloween outfit.

    Even though the brand is known for DIY fashion, Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant were the ones who came up with this very modern art.

    Bella Hadid’s spray-painted dress for Coperni SS23 is all the rage on the Internet. During Paris Fashion Week, the Coperni designers pushed the limits of fashion and made a name for themselves. This left netizens in awe, as many thought Coperni and Bella had raised the bar for the fashion world.


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    Coperni and how they changed the way DIY fashion was done

    Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant came up with the idea for Coperni. A famous French women’s clothing brand based in Paris. The brand is known for making DIY clothes, like the hand-blown glass bag that Doja Cat wore on the red carpet.

    Bella Hadid's spray-painted Coperni dress left the netizens shocked

    Dr. Manel Torres, who made Fabricant, sprayed paint on Bella Hadid’s dress for Paris Fashion Week 2022. This dress became the talk of the Internet.


    Along with him, another painter who used spray paint showed off his work. Spray paint is a thin, fibrous material made of latex that looks like regular fabric when it builds up.

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    Bella Hadid’s spray-painted Coperni Shocks the netizens

    After the Paris Fashion week, netizens start stalking Bella Hadid’s pure art. People have started to make it a trend on Twitter and other social media platforms. Let’s explore some tweets of the netizens for the young fashion sensation Bella Hadid.


    One user tweeted:

    Bella hadids spray on dress on the runway is what I want to see from fashion and fashion shows, fashion is ART, and should be treated as such, and using the model as a canvas to demonstrate the creation of the art live and how the art literally changes and conforms to

    Fans are shocked because they saw the whole procedure live on the stage. They start talking about the dress and the great idea of the DIY fashion catches the eyes of the internet. One user tweeted:

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