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    Best 4K android TVs as of 2022 for Gaming

    When 4K Android TVs first came out a few years ago, people were skeptical about whether or not they would work. Many tech fans thought that the technology came out before it was ready. They thought people wouldn’t use it because there wasn’t enough consistent 1080p content, let alone 4K content. The group, though, was wrong.

    Best 4K android TVs as of 2022 for Gaming

    Even though there wasn’t much 4K content, sales of 4K Android smart TVs grew yearly. Even though broadcasters still don’t use 4K as their main streaming resolution because it’s too expensive, the rise of content streaming apps has helped the medium grow.


    Increased demand has also filled up the market for 4K TVs to the point where everyone can get a 4K Android TV for a price they can afford. Several companies have made some great 4K Android TVs in 2022. Here, we’ll look at five of the best of them.

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    The best 4K smart TVs with Android in 2022

    1) Sony BRAVIA XR A80K

    Sony’s XR A80K is a great way to watch movies and TV shows. Sony is one of the few companies that has gotten so good at making OLED panels that people prefer big OLED screens paired with a good sound system for a theatre-like experience.


    This 4K Android TV from Sony is huge but in a good way. It is 77 inches. Since this TV has an OLED screen, you can’t get as deep of a black level as this. The A80K is also very thin, which is a surprise. Again, this is because OLED pixels are self-illuminated and don’t need a backlight.

    This 4K Android TV also has all the bells and whistles you need, like HDR10, Dolby Vision, and support for multiple voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. Console gamers will also like that this 4K TV has a VRR of up to 120 fps. This makes it a true all-arounder but it also costs a lot more.

    2) Hisense U8H

    Hisense has recently made a big splash in the TV business, and rightly so. Hisense 4K Android TVs are always built well, have great picture quality and cost less than big brands. It chose mini-LED technology for these models, even though the panels aren’t very good. It’s rare for people to complain if they do it at all. Around 504 local dimming zones have been set up by Hisense all over the panel.

    This serves two purposes: it gives you more and better control over the backlighting, giving you a picture with a lot of contrast and detail across a wide range of content. Only a few difficult pieces of content will make the TV stumble, but those are rare and not the norm.

    This 4K Android TV is also great for gaming because it has a 120 Hz refresh rate and an Auto Low Latency Mode, both of which are great for gaming. Aside from this, it can play HDR 10 and 10+ content, has a great filmmaker mode and works with Dolby Vision.


    3) Sony X90J

    Sony’s X90J is another great 4K Android TV that doesn’t have an OLED screen but is still one of the best and doesn’t break the bank like an OLED. This TV uses LED-backlit LCD technology and is a good choice for people who want a cheap 4K TV from a well-known brand. Sony only saved money on the type of panel they used, but the picture quality is still very good thanks to Sony’s XR image processor.

    Aside from this, the TV has a 120 Hz refresh rate, which is also great for gamers. Console gamers who want a 4K Android TV with great image quality, support for different refresh rates, and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) should try this great and cheap 4K TV.

    Google TV OS is also on board, enabling installing a wide range of apps. This is one of the best 4K TVs because it has HDR and Dolby Vision.

    4) Hisense U6H

    The younger brother or sister of the high-end U8H series is neither slouch. A ULED panel, a type of quantum dot LED panel, powers this 4K Android TV from Hisense. Do not let the name of the technology confuse you. It is still a great LED panel with bright, vivid colours that cost very little.

    Since it runs on the Google TV platform, the U6H is a great choice for people who want a cheap 4K TV without noticeably lowering the quality.


    The U6H also supports eARC, which lets soundbars and audio systems produce high-quality sound. Aside from this, the TV supports Dolby Vision and HDR 10, which make movies and TV shows look more detailed and rich. Gamers will be glad to hear that the U6H supports VRR with a refresh rate of 120Hz. But it doesn’t have technology that blurs motion.

    Even though it has this problem and the viewing angles aren’t as good, the U6H is still a great 4K Android TV for people on a budget.

    5) TCL 5 Series S546 QLED 4K TV

    When TCL said that the 5 Series would use Google TV, an operating system made by Google that is based on Android, people in the tech world got excited. Not only was this because TCL has a history of making cheap but high-quality screens, but it was also because QLED was used.

    5) TCL 5 Series S546 QLED 4K TV - Best 4k tvs

    As a display, QLED is a great middle ground between traditional LED and OLED TVs. It has great contrast ratios thanks to local dimming and wide viewing angles. This TV from TCL costs less than $1000. It’s not a compromise, but a great deal for anyone who wants a 4K Android TV for a reasonable price.

    The picture quality of HDR is incredibly bright, and the TV has Wi-Fi ac standards for fast streaming. Unfortunately, because it’s a cheap QLED TV, the sound quality isn’t very good after 50 per cent volume, and it only has a 60 Hz refresh rate.


    These are some of the best budget and high-end TVs to buy in 2022 and maybe for a few months after that until newer models come out. Until then, these TVs should work well for people who want a good 4K TV before the price of the above models goes up yearly because of upgrades.

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