Big Ed from ‘90 Day Fiancé’ exposed being verbally abusive to his girlfriend Liz in leaked phone call

Big Ed from ‘90 Day Fiancé’ exposed being verbally abusive to his girlfriend Liz in leaked phone call which recently surfaced on Instagram and Twitter. Big Ed was upset Liz drove a co-worker home after work. At one point, Big Ed tells Liz she’s “f*cked up in the head.”

You can listen the leaked phone call of Big Ed and Liz in the video, below.

Video: Big Ed and Liz leaked phone call

More from the leaked phone call reveals Big Ed tells Liz “Stop with the f*cking emotions and prove your point.”


Later in the phone call, Big Ed tells Liz why he thinks it’s not okay for her to drive a co-worker home.

Born Edward Allen Brown on April 28, 1965, Big Ed was on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. This spin-off of the original 90 Day Fiancé had an interesting twist—the couples were not yet engaged, only knew each other online, and were meeting for the first time in front of the cameras. During their time on the show, the long-distance lovebirds would get to know each other in person and ultimately decide whether they wanted to get engaged and go through with the visa process or call it quits.


Big Ed appeared on the fourth season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. His unkind behavior, bratty personality, and short stature made him one of the show’s most controversial—and intriguing—cast members. Audiences loved to hate the brash, San Diego native, who was frequently rude to his girlfriend, Rose, and later had sexual assault accusations levied against him (more on that later).

Many 90 Day Fiance viewers have decided to boycott Big Ed after hearing an abusive phone conversation between him and his ex-girlfriend, Liz. A petition has been launched on with the title “Remove Ed Brown ( Big Ed) from TLC’s 90 Day Fiance Strikes Back! series.”

In the leaked phone call, he can be heard using the F-word and calling Liz stupid multiple times. Contrary to what many fans believe, it seems like Ed and Liz were genuinely in a relationship.


They had many problems, which included Ed’s jealous behavior. He met Liz in his favorite restaurant, where she works as a manager. The couple became good friends, and within months, they started dating.

But a few weeks back, Liz announced her breakup with Ed and called him a narcissist. It looks like she is now moving on with a new man. On her 29th birthday, Liz shared a cozy picture with a guy and thanked him for making her birthday special. Ed is also looking for his next girlfriend, who should be 35 years old. He is also leaving red heart emojis on his ex-girlfriend Rosemarie Vega’s pictures. In a Cameo video, he also fueled reunion rumors with her.

While Liz and Ed are trying to move on, a 90 Day Fiance fan page got hold of an uncomfortable phone call between them. It seems like the restaurant manager wanted to give one of her co-workers a ride home to El Cajon. Before that, she asked Ed for his permission because he acts quite jealous. It sounds like Ed told her to drop the co-worker home (reluctantly). At the time, he told Liz that she is a good person and kindhearted for dropping her friend home. Listen to the audio shared by @90daycouple on IG:



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