Bill Gates Idea of Microchip Through Coronavirus Vaccine Sparked Outrage


Bill Gates wants to vaccinate everyone in the world, then have us tracked with a microchiped certificate (To prove we are cured). Then, Gates will then make the “Virus” go away, Bill Gates Microchip Idea Sparked outrage worldwide.

Bill Gates Microchip Idea through Coronavirus vaccine Sparked outrage worldwide
Bill Gates, pictured, who along with his wife Melinda have worked to fund the development of vaccines around the world, slammed governments for not preparing for a pandemic by simulating possible scenarios and stress-testing their infrastructure

The world’s second-richest man has reportedly become the top target of coronavirus conspiracy theorists including mark-of-the-beast style tracking chips in whoever survives Coronavirus. 

Theories linking Microsoft magnate Bill Gates to COVID-19 have exploded in recent months as right-wing conspiracists and anti-vaccine zealots accused him of using the virus to control the masses.

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Video: Bill Gates Microchip idea through Coronavirus vaccine.

Ideas about Bill Gates and the deadly virus were mentioned on social media and TV 1.2 million times from February to April, more than any other virus-related conspiracy theory, media analysis firm Zignal Labs told in a report.


Bill Gates is once again facing backlash on social media after his idea of Microchip Through Coronavirus Vaccine came in the headlines.

Gates wanted to put microchips in people’s bodies, an idea former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone echoed in a recent radio interview.

Roger Stone says the idea Bill Gates created coronavirus to microchip people 'is open for vigorous debate' and blasts the possibility of mandatory vaccinations saying 'over my dead body'
Roger Stone, Image Via Reuters.

Roger Stone said Monday the idea that Bill Gates was involved in the creation and spread of coronavirus in order to microchip people ‘is open for vigorous debate’. 


Speaking on The Joe Piscopo show Donald Trump‘s longtime confidant said: ‘I have conservative friends who say it’s ridiculous and others say absolutely.’ 

The Microsoft founder has donated around $45 billion towards vaccination research to tackle pandemics. 

But Stone – who was sentence to 40 months in prison in February – said: ‘Here is what I do know for certain. He and other globalists are definitely using it for mandatory vaccinations and microchipping people so we know if they’ve been tested.

‘Over my dead body. Mandatory vaccinations? No way, Jose!’ 


Roger Stone also spoke of his own Florida lockdown and said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has done a ‘good job’.

Gates has slammed world leaders for not investing in testing and equipment sooner when the virus first came to light in China last December. 

The billionaire, who along with his wife Melinda have worked to fund the development of vaccines around the world, slammed governments for not preparing for a pandemic by simulating possible scenarios and stress-testing their infrastructure. 

As a result of this lack of preparation, Gates said ‘we find ourselves in uncharted territories’. 


Chairing the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he has donated more than $45 billion towards vaccination research in the hope of tackling pandemics including coronavirus and Ebola.

The couple have long spoken about the fears of a pandemic and had warned that the world was not prepared to respond at a global level.  

Melinda Gates said the world is likely to be permanently changed by the pandemic and predicted there could more similar outbreaks in the future. 

Stone said of his own lockdown in Florida: ‘Like most Americans, we’re hunkered down. It gives you time to spend with the family, time to write, and pray. 


‘It has its pluses, but every gym in Florida is closed, when I can’t go to the gym, it drives me crazy.’

Stone also said New York governor Andrew Cuomo has ‘done a very good job’ adding: ‘He’s a strong communicator, he speaks the people’s language.’

“The plan to vaccinate and microchip every person on the planet is laughable. It will never work. Millions will refuse. America has already opted out of the Gates/WHO involvement and other countries will follow as the extent of the crimes against humanity become known, A Twitter user Magenta Pixie commented on Microchip Idea.”

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