Bitcoin Crashes: Why it has lost half of its value in the last six months


In November 2021 bitcoin didn’t feel to have a ceiling. It reached $68,000 and marked an each- time high that spread to the rest of the cryptocurrency request. That corner remained in that, and the verity is that since also the price has done nothing but fall. In recent days it has done so with particular force, and moment we’re in a radically contrary situation with a bitcoin below $34,000.


A brutal fall of 50 that formerly again demonstrates the extreme volatility of this and the rest of cryptocurrencies. Interest rates. The United States made a singular decision last week and raised interest rates by half a point (0.50), a considerable increase that hadn’t been applied since 2000. The ideal of the Federal Reserve is to fight affectation, but the effect was immediate on the stock request, with a significant collapse of the big technology companies, which were formerly in the doldrums.

The Nasdaq100 lost 13 in April 2022 alone, and the accretive loss so far in 2022 is 21. Around with the bubble. The fall in the stock request of Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Alphabet or Meta brings back the debate about whether we’re in another fleck com bubble. It does not feel like it the fiscal results of utmost of the’ big tech’— with exceptions similar as Netflix — are presently veritably positive, and in numerous cases it’s anticipated to continue to be so in the coming diggings.

The biggest bitcoin crashes of the time

It’s apparent that the situation on a world scale is compromised by everything that has happed in the last two times — the war in Ukraine has been another straw that has broken the camel’s back —, but judges feel to point further to a correction, not to an” explosion”. of the bubble”like the one endured in 2000. The cryptos are no longer going to his ball.

One might suppose that cryptocurrencies should go their own way because they’re veritably different products from those that are handled in the traditional stock request, but profitable trends weigh (a lot) on the value of cryptocurrencies. Why? Well, because in recent months we’ve seen how the cryptocurrency request no longer only attracted small investors the interest of institutions is growing-Tesla and its investment in bitcoin is a good illustration-and that has made us in a situation in which what happens in the traditional stock requests has a direct (and correlative) impact on what happens with cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin crashes losing nearly half if its value in six hours

The rise in interest rates has had a clear effect on the fall of” unsafe” investments — the technological bones and especially the crypto bones — and they’ve ended up causing a huge fall in the entire cryptocurrency request, with accumulated cascade of about 15 in the last seven days according to CoinMarketCap. Stay, this may just be the morning.

The United States continues to set the pace and what happens there has a significant impact on the rest of the world. The severance rate is veritably low, hires are high and this also affects the fight against affectation there’s formerly talk of another rise in interest rates of 0.75, which would make investment in unsafeassets.However, both bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrencies could be affected, If that happens.

Investors have wanted to avoid problems and vend orders-to take gains or minimize losses- have been legion. Now it remains to be seen how theseanti-inflation measures work and how investors reply to these developments.