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    Bite The Curb Video on Twitter leaves users Speechless

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    Bite the Curb video is trending on Twitter and TikTok and people are reacting to the viral video wih hilarious reactions and memes. Yet many are trying to search “Bite the curb video” on Twitter, where it was first shared.

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    What is “Bite the Curb”?

    bite the curb refers to coerce someone to lie down on the street and open their mouth on the concrete curb, at which point the assailants can then stomp on the back of the victim’s head, shattering their teeth and causing severe head/neck trauma.

    Photo explains Bite the Curb

    “what happened to his teeth?”
    “He got jumped by vegans, they made him bite the curb”.

    Latest viral Bite The Curb Video

    A video from 2023 re-emerged on Twitter shows a street fight between two guys. The video shows a man in the black shirt charges to the guy in a red shirt.

    The actual reason behind the altercation is unknown but video shows the man in black makes the man in red “Bite the Curb” in an intense way. Video further shows a third guy intervening and trying to help the guy in red shirt.

    The video was shared on Twitter on April 18, 2023, and it has been viewed by 100,000 people so far.