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BJP leader Sonita Singh Asks Hindu Men To Rape Kashmiri women

BJP Leader named as Sonita Singh Gaur asks Hindu men to Gang-rape Kashmiri women. Sonita Singh is a BJP Mahila Morcha President in Ramkola in Uttar Pradesh and a principal of a school.

In her Facebook post, she says “there is only one solution of them (Muslims). Hindu brothers should make a group of 10 and gang-Rape their (Kashmiri women) mothers and sisters openly on the streets and then“. So on.

BJP leader urges Hindu men to Gang-rape muslim women.

Spewing the hate against Muslims in India and Kashmir, BJP Mahila morcha kept giving brutal suggestions on her Facebook account.

BJP Mahila morcha asks Hindu men to Gang-rape muslim women Kashmiri women.

Screenshots of her hate speech spread on social media and people reacted in anger on the statement of Ex BJP Mahila morcha.

Screenshots against . Muslims in India and against Kashmiri Muslims specifically are rising since the Indian government revoked the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. Three days ago a BJP ML (ML KHATTAR) from Hariyana given the same kind of statement saying “Now we can Bring Kashmiri girls and rape them”.

One Twitter user called Sonita Singh as a disgrace to the human race and a reflection of the RSS/BJP mindset.

Later on, BJP’s Morcha President Sonita Sa in gaur wathe s expelled after her statement asking Hindu men to Gang-rape Muslim women.

BJP MAHILA morcha will not tolerate any hateful comments from any Karyakarta. Vijaya Rahatkar.

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