Blueface tweet about his baby? Viral Inguinal Hernia post sparks disbelief online

    BlueFace son video is currently trending on social media and people are curious to know what actually happened around the Controversy king Rapper BlueFace, Chrisean Rock and their son.

    According to details, Rapper Blueface is facing the internet’s backlash after posting images of his son’s hernia on X (formerly known as Twitter). The father of Chrisean Rock’s son took to the social networking site and claimed that his baby was suffering from a hernia.

    He also accused his on-and-off girlfriend of pushing her son’s surgery. Meanwhile, netizens have expressed disgust over the rapper’s internet activity.

    On Sunday, 24 September 2023, Blueface took to X and uploaded an image of his infant’s privates. He also wrote in a tweet:

    “This what my son d*ck look like an she worried about me an lil baby c*** like bih get our son c*** right then do what you want”

    The Thotiana rapper also added, “Baby still ain’t had the surgery for his hernia.”

    In another tweet, Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Jamall Porter accused Chrisean Rock of being a “bad mother.” He also claimed that the reality star was “pushing the surgery back missing the appointments so she can do what she wants”

    As Blueface continued his rant against Chrisean Rock, netizens were left disgusted by the former’s behavior online. Many could not believe that the he was uploading sensitive images of his son online.

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    Netizens stunned by Blueface’s tweet

    Internet users could not believe what they saw online. Many spoke about the rapper’s internet activity and hoped that he would be arrested for his actions.

    It seems like Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s child, Chrisean Jesus Malone Jr., is suffering from an inguinal hernia. According to the Cleveland Clinic, these occur when one’s intestines bulges through the abdominal wall. One can see the same under the child’s skin in their groin or scrotum.

    To fix the same, the child must undergo a simple surgery. If one does not take the necessary precautions, it can lead to an incarcerated hernia or a strangulated hernia where the contents of the hernia may get stuck or strangulated. This could potentially lead to the lack of blood flow to the child’s intestines, subsequently resulting in tissue death.

    What did Chrisean Rock say?

    As Blueface put Chrisean Rock on blast, the latter took to social media to address claims of her not taking care of her child. She revealed:

    “He do need surgery but he didn’t have surgery. He needs surgery for his hernia, because his daddy wants to talk all this bulls**t.”

    In response to the hate the rapper has been receiving, he took to X and tweeted:

    “You had a baby on live but you mad about the truth being live”

    In another tweet he called Chrisean Rock a “crack baby” and wrote online that he tried “to get that abortion.”

    The singer also claimed that he visited the medical practitioners for the surgery however they claimed that he missed their appointment that was scheduled two days ago and that the doctors were busy.