Bowling Alley leaked video leaves People surprised – Bowling Alley video explained

    Bowling Alley video leaked and goes viral on Twitter and TikTok. People are reacting to Bowling alley video which shows a couple offending the public place.

    In this post, we will explain Bowling alley leaked video and why is Bowling Alley video trending on social media.

    Bowling alley video of a black couple on Twitter

    According to details, a video labelled as “Bowling Alley video” of a black couple causing confusion on TikTok. Many people are talking about a video which was captured in a bowling alley in the Boston, United States.

    While those who have seen the video are criticising the couple in the video, others are confused about the nature of the video. Many are rushing to the Twitter in order to watch the purported video.

    Bowling Alley Video Explained

    On November 13, 2022, a Twitter user “Scoobzfrmboston” shared a picture of himself and his girlfriend which was taken in a bowling alley. It seems that he took that picture from the video he captured. The Bowling alley video shows him and his girlfriend sitting at a dinning table while pizza has been served before them.

    The video shows the couple performing inappropriate activity in the bowling alley while people are present around. The video further shows that the purse of the girl is on the floor while she is busy playing hide and seek.

    You can watch the Bowling Alley leaked video on Twitter by going on this link.

    People Criticize The Couple in the video

    After the Bowling alley video emerged on social media, people began criticising the couple and demanding a legal action against them.

    Many people stressed that it is a public place and offenders should be arrested.

    A Twitter user wrote in the comment of the video:

    “y’all be a little too ready for that s*x offender charge😭😭”

    Another person said:

    “At a bowling alley where kids are about? Disgusting. You nasty ppl need to be placed a s*x offenders list.”

    “The family that just wants to have a normal fun day at the bowling alley,” wrote another user.

    One person quoted the bowling alley video and wrote:

    “This is how I feel like people with that MCM bag act.”