Brilolll Girl faces Criticism after Sending Private Pictures to 15-year-old boy

21-year-old girl Briloll faces Backlash after she sent inappropriate pictures and video to a 15 year old boy Maage

A 21-year-old girl Briloll (Brilolll on Twitter) is currently facing criticism after she allegedly sent her private pictures and a video to a 15-year-old boy. Briloll is a British Twitch user with over 40K followers on Twitch and few thousand followers on other social media platforms like Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.

This is how it started

On November 22, 2020, a social media user “Maage, also known as MaageYt” shared few Screenshots of the messages, the girl Briloll sent to him. Going into details, Maage wrote on Twitter:

i do not know how to start this, but i have been told to expose @briloll who is 21 years old and has been sending me s***al pictures and messages over the past 3 weeks. I have video and picture proof of the images and messages. She was about to sign to an org if she denies will show proof but i don’t want it to come to that but i will if i have to she doesnt deserve a platform, this is the weakest screen shot i want to show but obv if she denies can show everything

He then shared the Screenshot of the messages, Briloll Girl sent to him.

Screenshot of Briloll Girl's message sent to Maage

Maage is a Fortnite video gamer and a YouTuber with 161,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Following the revelation made by Maage, a Twitter user “NRG Beehive” responded by saying: “Thank you for exposing this pedo. We need more people like maage in this community.”

And then a wave of outrage sparked against Briloll girl with people calling her “Pedophile.” Following the allegations, some people have even contacted Briloll for her point of view but most of them were blocked by her.

Responding to the messages of a friend, who was asking her about this matter, Briloll has denied the allegations and said “he’s manipulated it all for clout. But it’s made me look so bad. Nothing else to say.”

Briloll responds to the allegations made by Maage

Later on, Brilolll published a long note apologising for her actions and explaining the whole situation. Her note reads:

My side.

Ok so first of all I just want to put it out there that I know my actions are unacceptable and there is no excuse for what I have done and I sincerely apologise to everyone. I don’t deserve a platform for what I have done so therefore I am removing it and I am leaving everything online behind me going to a doctor and fixing myself.

Me and maage were close friends. We talked every day for months. I never ever thought twice I’d become the way I was with him for one second but at the time he came I had no one, I was in no right frame of mind to be speaking to anyone but I opened up to maage and he did to me, I would never ever sexually abuse or be interested in any kids at all ever and I never thought out of all people Charlie (maage) would do this to me because as much as I opened up to him, he opened up to me. After a while of being friends he admitted feelings for me. It did come across as a shock and that’s when I should have blocked him but I continued to speak to him and then I created this bond with him that I shouldn’t have, I have seen Charlie is receiving hate but this is in no way his fault, I am the one in the wrong I shouldn’t have carried on getting close to him and stopped opening up to him but I was mentally unwell and he was the only person that was there for me out of everyone irl and online. It’s fucked that I have done this to myself and everyone who believed in me. I still want the best for maage and his career and I should have never got involved with anyone younger than me at all.

I won’t be coming back to any of my socials again, I’m going to see a doctor about my mental health and I’m going to fix my life, I opened up to the wrong person and I got addicted to the feeling of not being alone anymore. I’m truly so sorry.”

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