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    Britt Barbie mall fight video – Famous Tiktoker goes viral on social media platforms

    Recently, Britt Barbie mall fight video goes viral on twitter and reddit. Britt Barbie caught on the camera while having altercation with the strangers.

    Britt Barbie mall fight video - A fight video catches the netizens eyes
    Britt Barbie mall fight video

    Rising TikToker After a video of her and some strangers fighting in a mall went viral, Britt Barbie replied with a short clip. Who is Britt Barbie?

    The rising social media star got into a fight with two strangers over the weekend, and the video of the fight went viral on Twitter and Reddit.

    Britt Barbie decided to respond to the situation with a TikTok video and just ignore the mean comments and trolls online.



    Who Is Britt Barbie?

    Britt Barbie is a singer and social media star who is becoming more well known. On her TikTok profile, she makes lip-sync videos, does challenges, and posts dance clips.

    The TikTok star first became well-known when a video of her singing “Period Ahh, Period Uhh” went viral. The first video Barbie posted has been seen by more than ten million people. It ended up being a very important part of her online content promotion and career growth.

    The phrase is used in a popular TikTok challenge. In the past few months, influencers and celebrities like Chloe Bailey have also done it.


    Britt Barbie Mall Fight Video Goes Viral

    Last weekend, a video of Britt Barbie and an unknown couple fighting in a mall went viral on Reddit and Twitter.

    In the Britt Barbie mall fight video. Britt Barbie and a group of her friends walk by two strangers in a shopping mall. After what seems to be a comment from the man, the TikToker quickly turns around and heads toward the two people.

    The woman from the pair then starts to walk toward Britt Barbie, and the two end up fighting. During the fight, Britt Barbie trips and falls to the floor. As of right now, it’s not clear what caused the short fight or if Britt Barbie knows the people who were there.

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    Tiktoker Responds To Viral Clip

    Britt Barbie made a TikTok video in response to the Twitter video that went viral over the weekend. The famous TikToker, who has about 2.4 million followers, posted a 13-second clip.

    In the short video, Britt Barbie just talks about some of the mean comments she got. You can’t fight, as some of the comments put it. You got dragged, and that girl smacked you around.

    Britt Barbie doesn’t seem too bothered by all the bad things that have been said about her. The TikToker was seen dancing along with the song “I Don’t Care” in a happy way.

    Britt Barbie just said, “There are a lot of things people don’t know that I will talk about when the right time comes,” when asked about it. Britt Barbie mall fight video original video.


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