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    Building a Resume that Stands Out from the Crowd with Powered Template

    When it comes to getting yourself noticed by employers, presentation can be extremely important in standing out from a talented crowd. With this in mind, your resume can be an essential tool in ensuring that your qualities are clear for all to see. 


    But how is it possible to make your qualifications go further? The answer lies in creating a curriculum vitae that’s neat, organized, and attention-grabbing. 

    In job roles that see many applicants all bidding for the same position, the hiring process can go down to finer decisions. Although employers won’t hire you based on having a visually-appealing CV, it can leave a strong impression on the reader which can help to make your application considerably more memorable when it comes to shortlisting and selecting the best candidates. 

    Bad CV example
    (Image: Future Connect Recruitment)

    Failure to take the time to consider the impact of presentation on your curriculum vitae could leave you looking at a resume that’s similar in appearance to the example above. The sheer lack of visual stimulation means that, even if the applicant happened to be the most talented among other candidates, their CV may fail to make enough of an impression to gain the attention it deserves. 


    But how can individuals work on building resumes that command attention from their readers? The answer lies in Powered Template’s selection of pre-designed and 100% customizable CV templates. 

    Through utilizing ready-made templates, candidates can prioritize the task of discovering new job opportunities and networking without having to commit their time towards building their own eye-catching resume. 

    But how can Powered Template’s range of CV templates help users to build winning resumes? Let’s take a deeper look into the ease in which candidates can get themselves noticed among employers when applying for jobs:

    Finding a Template that Complements Your Personal Brand

    The beauty of Powered Template is that it’s a platform that caters to all needs and requirements. The range of CVs listed on the website spans more than 800 free and premium designs, with no sign ups or subscriptions necessary to get started. 

    Powered template for CV

    As we can see, Powered Template features an intuitive menu system that updates results in real-time – meaning that you can add or withdraw specifications as you see fit. All options come with a star rating system to ensure that all options are accurately reviewed among users also. 

    Some designs feature a red thumbnail in the bottom-right corner of its screenshot and information – this signifies premium content, and is only available for subscribers. 

    Building a Resume that Stands Out from the Crowd with Powered Template

    Here, we can also see that Powered Template ventures deeper into more specific purpose-built CV designs. The examples above focus on concentrations like architecture, support specialists, veterinarians, occupational therapy, social media, and finance – with far more options across a broad range of sectors available. 

    Now, let’s take a deeper look at a potential CV template that we can use to build our resume. The great thing about Powered Template’s designs is that they’re 100% editable, which means that any content can be molded into just about anything we want them to be. Although this template is for a project manager role, it can easily be adapted to just about any other specialism.


    To help inform the decisions of users, we can also see more information about each design’s ratings. Here, we can see that our chosen CV has a 4.5 star rating that’s been accumulated through the opinions of 58 reviewers. Furthermore, we can see that the template has been downloaded 68 times. Having an indication over how often a resume template has been downloaded can provide assurances that your prospective employer wouldn’t have come across your design anywhere else. 

    By selecting ‘similar’, you can see a range of alternative templates that possess properties that are close to your initial choice – helping to fine-tune your preferences. 

    Finally, when you decide to download your favorite template, you may be presented with some extra options. For premium templates, users are required to subscribe to Powered Template to unlock more choice. Pricing starts at $19 per month, although yearly subscriptions can bring monthly costs down to around $8.25. Additionally, there’s the option of purchasing templates on an on demand basis, with costs ranging from $25 for 10 downloads – which can be redeemed over 12 months. 

    In the case of our chosen CV, it’s possible to download the design entirely free of charge – which can be a handy perk for cost-conscious job seekers. However, it’s important to note that an attribution will be required to be placed somewhere on the content.


    Once your template has been downloaded, you will be presented with your files which can be used in any specified format. Depending on your chosen template, you may also find instructions documents and an example PDF detailing the initial properties of the template. 

    Now you’re free to populate your design with all the necessary information and flourishes that can complement your personal brand whilst providing employers with an unmissable insight into your qualities. 

    When it comes to positioning yourself as a candidate that stands out from the crowd, there are few better resources that Powered Template’s suite of fully editable resume designs. 

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