By 2025 half of Sony’s video games will be not only on the PS5 but on PC and mobile: their bet is going (very) well


Sony was very consoling: if you wanted to enjoy their video games, you could only do it on the PS4 or PS5. Suddenly, they started experimenting and said to themselves, “Hey, what if we also offer our games on PCs and mobiles?” The success of the bet has been spectacular, and Sony already plans to go further in that strategy.

PlayStation says half of its releases will be on PC and mobile by 2025

In the last conference for investors, Sony indicated that in 2025 about half of the games it launches will be available on PC and mobile, while the rest will be destined for its PS4 and PS5. Revenue doesn’t lie, and the move to diversify compatible platforms is going really well.

Diversifying works

Just a few months ago we told for example how the jump of exclusives like ‘God of War’ on PC was a success despite being a game released in 2018. The same had happened with ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’, which since its release on PC in August 2021 – it arrived on the PS4 also in 2018 – also became another triumph of Sony’s newborn catalog of PC video games.

A Sony slide shared on Thursday

That strategy is so effective that Sony is going to expand it. During the presentation, a diagram was shown in which it is appreciated how the number of titles that will be released for PC and mobile will be approximately half of the total that Sony launches in 2025.

Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, explained in VGC how “by expanding to PC and mobile, and it must be said … also to live services, we have the opportunity to move from a situation of presence in a very narrow segment of the global gaming software market, to be present practically everywhere.”

The executive also stressed that revenue from sales of games that have appeared on the PC is growing dramatically: from 80 million dollars in 2021 they expect to go to 300 million dollars in 2022.

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Sony’s strategy has become much more diverse in recent times, and in fact, at the end of last year the Japanese company acquired Valkyrie Entertainment, the studio that collaborated on games such as ‘God of War’ or ‘Valorant’, but before it had already bought Nixxes Software, which was responsible for example of the PC versions of the modern trilogy of ‘Tomb Raider.

Thus, the catalog of exclusives for Sony consoles will no longer be somewhat less exclusive. The company’s intention is clear: to offer its IP both on consoles and on PCs and mobiles. Good news for Sony given the success of the strategy, but also for the entire gaming community, which will have access to these developments from different platforms.

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