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Bycott Dollar Campaign accompanied With Made in Pakistan viral on social media. During past months dollar rate sky rocketed because of many factors including Economic circumstances of Pakistan and Dumping of American currency from big investors. A massive trade deficit is one of main reasons behind the hike in Dollar prices against Pakistani rupees. Dollar rate touched to Rs 150 last week after news of IMF deal to give a bailout package of $8 Billion.

People ( especially Bulls of market ) bought Greenback aggressively with expectations of more rise and a big profit from US dollars. Which is causing more higher price of dollar and devaluation of Pakistani Rupees. Although government warned strict action against those trying to Manipulae the market in the greed of own profit. But it didn’t effect the dollar rate much. But their are thousands of Pakistanis who came forward with their own Patriotic ways.

“Bycott Dollar” and ” Made in Pakistan”campaigns became viral on social media. Someone just posted a video on facebook while burning the dollar bills.

The citizens says we are not doing this in the support of any political party but in the love of our country. Bycott Dollar may help reduce burden over financial market. Along with “Bycott Dollar Campaign ” , “made in Pakistan ” campaign is also getting viral on social media. Watch how Social media users contributing in these campaigns.

This is how Made in Pakistan campaign going on social media

Bycott Dollar Campaign and using made in Pakistan products may help reduce trade deficit over Pakistan and benifit small local traders. You can also contribute in the campaign for your beloved country. Just start using Made in Pakistan products and avoid using imported stuff. You will get benifit with lower prices and Pakistan will get benefits which are uncountable.

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