California Earthquake map
Caligornia Earthquake Map. Image: Wikiglobals

6.4 Magnitude California Earthquake shaken the Los Angeles city and surrounding today’s morning at 10:33 AM. Almost 4 Aftershocks has been also recorded after the originally 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake in Los Angeles City. Initial reports show that there was no injuries or damage to lives in the result of an earthquake. But a video just came showing a house got fire because of an earthquake in southern California.

Home ablaze after Earthquake in southern California: Fox News.

Dr Lucy Jones from southern California told in news conference that people should expect ten aftershocks of 3.5 Magnitude. And they should be prepared for more 100 aftershocks of 2.5 Magnitude. Dr Lucy Jones ( seismologist ) also warned people that they may have an even bigger earthquake in the next three days at this location. There are 5 per cent chances of an earthquake bigger than magnitude 7.

News conference of Dr Lucy Jones ( seismologist). Video: CNN NEWS.

The earthquake was only 5 miles in depth which is a lot more dangerous because typically around the world earthquakes happen 100 miles to 200 miles deep. The chart below shows the average magnitude of earthquakes and their depth.

Magnitude of earthquake in California and average frequency in the year.

Typical earthquake of this magnitude would have average 01 aftershocks. But Citizens of Los Angeles felt 25 Aftershocks today which signals the severity of today’s earthquake.

California Earthquake complete report by CNN NEWS.

Reactions of People after California Earthquake

People on social media reacting mixed after the earthquake. Someone just posted a videotape recorded at Big Bear Lake.

Las Vegas Fire Rescue published the instructions in case of aftershocks or a bigger earthquake later.

Instructions to Protect yourself during earthquakes
A video of earthquake in California recorded on CCTV
A road got cracks near epicentre of the earthquake.

Photos of Cracks in Roads after California Earthquake

Photos after earthquake in California
Store scattered after Earthquake in southern California
California Earthquake roads cracked
Roads got cracks after California Earthquake.

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