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    Capture Points Fortnite – How to claim it?

    In Chapter 4 of Season 1 of Fortnite, Capture Points were added to the game. They are places where players can get higher-level loot and other supplies by claiming them.

    Capture Points Fortnite - How to claim it?

    This week, one of the challenges is for players to claim a few Capture Points. To make things easier, the challenge has been split into stages, and completing each stage earns you 16,000 XP.


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    How to get Fortnite Capture Points

    In Fortnite, the only way to claim a Capture Point is to stay in the “capture radius” and wait until someone else claims it. On the screen, there will be a small timer that shows how much time is left. As the timer ticks down, the pole banners will increase.

    When the timer runs out, and the banners reach the top, the player(s) can claim a Capture Point. Remember that if an enemy player enters the “capture radius” during the “capturing phase,” the Capture Point will be contested.


    Before capturing can start again, the threat will have to be dealt with. If the player who first claimed the Capture Point is eliminated, the other player will be able to pick up where they left off.

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    Learn more about Fortnite’s Capture Points here.

    To claim a Capture Point, one or more players must stay within the “capture radius” for 45 seconds. The timer will not start over if they leave the “capture radius” before the Capture Point is claimed. When you return to the area, the timer will start counting down again, and banners will be placed on the pole until the Capture Point is taken.

    Some say that if more than one player is in the “capture radius,” the process will go faster, but this is not true. No matter how many players are in the area around the Capture Point, it will still take 45 seconds to claim. In-game, there is no way to speed things up.

    Lastly, taking over a Capture Point gives you more than loot. It also shows all regular and Oathbound chests and enemies within a wide area. They will stay marked for 30 seconds, and everyone on the team will know what happened, even if they didn’t help claim the Capture Point.


    In the game, it’s pretty easy to find Capture Points. One Capture Point can be found at each named place on the map. On the island, nine places like this can be claimed.

    Most of the time, the Capture Point is in the middle of the place that was named. The Citadel, Shattered Slabs, and Fault Splits break this rule. Capture Points can be found on the edges of the POI in these places.

    But finding a Capture Point at any place that has been named will be straightforward. Since the poles, banners, and “capture radius” will be visible before players can even start claiming, it will be impossible to miss them even in the middle of a gun battle.

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