PSE attack Karachi

Earlier last month on June 29, 2020, Pakistan stock Exchange (PSE) was attacked by BLA terrorists. All of four terrorists were killed in the result of Bravery shown by soldiers of Pakistan Police and Pakistan Rangers.


Following the PSE attack, a controversy is emerging on social media in Pakistan. Several social media users are sharing the picture of the car (Blue colour Toyota BAP-629, registered in Sindh) used by terrorists in the PSE attack, along with a Screenshot from a Drama Serial of Geo Television’s Har Pal Geo channel.


They are claiming that the car used in the terror attack has the same Registration number (Toyota BAP-629) as to the car shown (in the Background) in the Drama Serial Deewangi by Har Pal Geo (an entertainment Tv channel by Geo Tv). Not only the Registration number (which is BAP-629, Sindh) but the make of both cars and colour is also the same. Let’s have a look at both cars.

Car used in the terror attack at Pakistan Stock Exchange, Karachi
Image of the car used by the terrorists for attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange, Karachi.
Image of the car shown in the Drama Serial Deewangi by Geo TV
Image of the car shown in Drama Serial Deewangi
Image of the car from another angle shown in Drama Serial Deewangi
Image: Screenshot of Drama Serial Deewangi by Geo Tv

The similar car to the one used in PSE attack, with similar number plate and make, was shown in episode 33 of Drama Serial Deewangi at 2:40 minutes passed. The mentioned car was shown parked in the parking of Hill-Park (A tourist attraction place in Islamabad) where the Drama Serial was shoot.


Watch the video of Drama Serial Deewangi which shows the same car with Registration number BAP-629, below.

Video: Drama Serial Deewangi, Episode 33 which shows Toyota BAP-629 at 2:40 minutes.

Now let’s move towards the ownership and details of Toyota BAP-629.

After checking the Registration data of the mentioned car, we found that this car is mentioned on the name of Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited. It means the person using this car bought this car frok the bank on lease. The car was registered on 30-9-2013 and last tax payment was paid at 30-6-2020, at the very next day of PSE attack.

Toyota BAP-629 Registration details
Registration details of the car used in PSE attack

However, it is quite possible that the terrorists would have used the fake number plate on a car of similar model and make of the original one and used it in PSE attack.

The security agencies have started an investigation about the car used in the terror attack and about the shooting dates of the Drama Serial Deewangi, Episode 33.

A senior Journalist Raja Faisal suggested some inclusion by quoting a source from security agencies.



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