Cardi B Reacts to Addison Rae WAP dance Video and Sheri Nicolee’s WAP Dance Video

Cardi B Reacts to Addison Rae WAP dance Video and Sheri Nicolee's WAP dance challenge Video

Recently, Cardi B’s WAP dance challenge is viral all over internet. TikTokers, Youtubers and social media celebrities are replicating the dance video and posting their WAP dance challenge videos online.

Cardi B Reacts To Addison Rae Mom WAP Dance Going Viral

Earlier last week, Addison Rae did WAP dance challenge and her mother Sheri Nicolee posted Addison Rae’s WAP dance video online. Sheri Nicolee then posted her own video doing WAP dance challenge.


Cardi B has reacted to the WAP dance challenge video of Addison Rae and her mom Sheri Nicolee. See her reaction, below.

Video of Addison Rae doing WAP dance challenge

Here is the reaction of Cardi B over Addison Rae’s mom video doing WAP dance challenge.

Sheri Nicolee’s Video doing WAP dance challenge

Cardi B has released WAP Feat. MEGAN THEE STALLION Earlier this month and the song is breaking the records with 134 million views on Cardi B’s official YouTube channel only.

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